Beko DCU 7330 condenser dryer

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Test report: Beko DCU 7330 condenser dryer

The Beko DCU 7330 condenser dryer in the video

The capacity of the Beko DCU 7330 condenser dryer is 7 kg, with a total of 16 programs. The volume is 65 dB, which is in the middle range of the volume. The programs are also supported by a sensor, which then measures the moisture in the laundry. Thus the laundry is dried exactly after the program selection, whereby the dryer then also switches off automatically.  

Power-saving yet effective

The energy class of the Beko is only B, but the energy is unnecessarily wasted by the sensor. In addition there are the different programs, such as sports or cotton, which can be used to dry all textiles according to their characteristics. In this case, Schranrocken is still slightly moist, which makes ironing easier. If you prefer to have your clothes completely dry, you should choose the program "Extratrocken". After the drying program the crease protection automatically switches on, whereby the laundry is loosened in the dryer. So this dryer offers with programs, everything other products also offer, whereby here, the price is nevertheless considerably cheaper. The dryer also does not compromise on the ability to handle, as does the technical equipment. The dryer is freestanding, so can be easily placed on a free place. Only one socket is required, because the water is collected in a collecting container. For this, there is just as for the lint screen an extra display, so when they must be emptied or cleaned. As far as the specifications of the manufacturer, but what say customers who bought this device.  

Start time can be set 24 hours before

This is also part of the equipment of the Beko DCU 7330 condenser, which most customers have not yet used.Some have tested this and it has worked wonders. The testers were all convinced of the simple operation and the large display, but this does not say anything about the actual performance of the device. There were some testers who were not so satisfied with the result. This was only the first time, because the wrong program was chosen. This was not a problem, because this is easy. Choose a place and then plug it into a socket. The dryer has a further advantage, because the condensation can also run directly. However only when there is also a connection is present. However, this is not necessary, which means that the dryer can always be placed in a free position. Even in a storeroom the latter can do his duty. Here the Beko DCU 7330 condenser dryer could also collect the most points, some testers were not really satisfied with the program. Here the laundry was still very moist, which then led to point deductions.  

Detailed manual very helpful

Here all testers agreed, the manual is very simple and yet detailed. In addition, each step is illustrated by a picture.Thus, all testers were able to view and read everything from setting up to the first program selection. Even if a small problem arose, this could be solved. Thus, the dryer got the full score, because all the testers managed without any help. So some testers were very skeptical about the heat transfer, because they already had some experience with other devices. But here everyone was more than satisfied, since this gives heat, but not essential. Thus, the majority was also very satisfied and gave the full score 5. Some then drew a point here or there, which then led to a total score of 4.5. All praised the value for money, because the price is very favorable compared to other products. The performance, on the other hand, is excellent, but above all the extra little things. So the drum is illuminated, which makes the search for socks easier. These are all surprising, as are the dry and not wrinkled laundry.  


Conclusion guyThus, this yet inexpensive product offers everything more expensive. So it is worth it to buy this dryer, since here really was not saved on the quality. However, some programs were not quite convincing, including the sports or express program. Here the laundry was still very moist, which was not so wanted. Dry laundry at a reasonable price.