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Test report: WMF KULT 8 Tassen Kaffeebereiter

The WMF KULT coffee maker in the video

If you want a simple way of making coffee, and is looking for a stylish design, the WMF KULT has 8 cups of coffee, an ideal device to enjoy the morning.

Elegant pleasure for the coffee table

At the test a lot of the first thing the WMF coffee maker had to offer. Surfaces made of matt brushed Cromorgan combine with a simple lines to a device, that one also likes to put on the festively laid coffee table. Of course, this simple way of making coffee is also the right thing to do in the morning when breakfast is fast. The coffee maker is timeless and can be combined with any kitchenware. WMF Designer Sebastian Bergne has done a masterpiece with this coffee maker, which makes WMF all honor. Just like the optics fascinated also the simple handling of the coffee maker and the resulting end result.  

It is so easy to make coffee in the WMF KULT Coffee Maker

The coffee powder is simply added to the glass container of the WMF KULT 8 cup coffee maker. In the test, it was found that the filter can easily become clogged by too fine ground coffee powder, whereupon too high a pressure is produced. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a coarser grain size. For a normal strong coffee one should calculate a spoon of coffee powder per cup. If you use the WMF coffee machine in its full capacity, then eight spoonfuls of powder are filled into the jug. After that, simply pour hot water. The water level should end about 3 centimeters below the can edge. The water should not be boiling. Now the coffee only needs to be stirred. We recommend using a plastic spoon as a metal spoon might damage the glass jug. Now allow the coffee to pull about 5 minutes. Then the filter is simply pressed down. For this, only a small amount of force is required, since the filter moves slightly downwards at low pressure. The coffee powder remains on the jug bottom and you can enjoy deliciously smelling filtered coffee. The clear verdict of the testers is. Rarely has first-class coffee enjoyment been so simple. The appliance is supplied with a manual, in which you can follow both the use and cleaning of the coffee maker step by step.  

Easy to maintain and durable

The fact that the WMF coffee machine can be cleaned by hand can be particularly positive. All parts are dishwasher safe and can be washed in the glass compartment of the dishwasher. The filter can be easily disassembled and can therefore be flushed regularly. This ensures excellent hygiene and also prevents clogging of the filter. The device is made of stainless Cromorgan stainless steel and glass. When used properly, the coffee maker can be used for years. The stability of the filter was particularly positive in the test. The glass of the jug is particularly thick, mouth blown and refractory, and the stainless steel cladding is insulating. The handle for serving the coffee remains pleasantly cool, while the coffee in the pot remains hot for an extended period of time. The stainless steel casing is equipped with a viewing window, which allows to check how much coffee is still in the pot. The glass jug is provided with a spout that makes it easy to serve the coffee directly from the coffee maker.Mattled Cromorgan stainless steel always looks well-groomed, without any special treatment.  

Advantages of WMF KULT 8 cups of coffee maker at a glance

- Timeless design can be combined with excellent porcelain - Cromorgan stainless steel and solid glass are durable - Easy to clean and dishwasher safe - Solid filter is easy to use - Fast pouring of filter coffee This coffee maker from WMF has a capacity of one liter and is therefore suitable for eight cups of coffee. The device has dimensions of 38 x 28.8 x 17 cm and weighs 1.5kg in the empty state. The weight helps ensure that the coffee maker is safe, even when only a small amount of coffee is in the jug.  

Well-balanced price-performance ratio

The WMF KULT 8 cups of coffee makers is located in the upper price segment of the French Press coffee makers.But design, processing quality and materials convince and make the purchase worthwhile. The life expectancy of the WMF device is considerably higher than with cheaper devices. Essentially, the thick-walled, mouth-blown glass and the Cromorgan stainless steel contribute to this. The simple handling guarantees aromatic filter coffee, which is always successful without problems. Therefore, despite the relatively high selling price, the price-performance ratio was found to be very good.  


Conclusion guyIf you would like to experience the enjoyment of French Press coffee and at the same time make its coffee table elegant with the WMF KULT 8 cups of coffee makers an excellent purchase. Fine materials combined with a sophisticated design make this device the first choice when it comes to a modern and problem-free way to prepare coffee. The tried-and-tested quality of the well-known WMF brand also applies to this product. The coffee maker KULT is also an excellent gift idea, with which one can make coffee beetles a great pleasure.  

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