Bosch Tassimo TAS5542 Charmy coffee capsule machine

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Review: Bosch Tassimo TAS5542 Charmy coffee capsule machine

We have the Bosch Tassimo T purchased 55 Charmy, because we are a household of five people, in which a lot of coffee is drunk. The coffee should be freshly prepared and we also drink hot drinks such as tea and cocoa love. It was important that 55 Charmy you can prepare other specialties such as cappuccino or latte macchiato with the Bosch Tassimo T also.

The appearance of Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy

The Bosch TAS5542 Tassimo T55 Charmy is a multi-Drink dispenser with chrome design applications in Black Opal, we have opted for the model which has us on an intelligent detection drinks. The space-saving design is beautiful and noble, so you get despite the very low price a quality device. It has made the design and finishing as a 2-component high-gloss surface. This surface comes with many chromed elements therefore and is therefore particularly valuable and very precious.Nevertheless, the design is very stylish and modern. It concerns with Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy a classic beauty.  

What can I cook with it?

We opted for the Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy because you can cook an incredible number of drinks by the Tassimo. The manufacturer promises "hot drinks diversity in café-quality" and you can not only prepare coffees aromatic filter, but also a strong espresso can be prepared. Furthermore, a tasty Cafè Crema manufactured or a creamy cappuccino is prepared. I hereby make my beloved latte macchiato, a major reason for this machine. But that is not enough, the family can look forward to the Hot Chocolate or I can use it to prepare delicious tea.  

Why I have chosen for the Tassimo T55? `

According to the manufacturer is one of the leading premium brands and stands for the highest competence drinks.It has been the purchase of this machine so a full, high-quality brand equipment to a still very fair price. And this brand quality you can tell not only in processing, but also in the operation. It is a fully automated one-button operation for TASSIMO capsule, which is denoted by T DISC. This patented T DISC technology has an intelligent drink identification that works via barcode and so performs an automatic adjustment of the quantity of beverage, brewing time and temperature. That is also the reason why you should only take the capsules which have been produced by the manufacturer.Often cheap caps are not recognized and can destroy the whole device or result in failures to halt the Grantie. It should be mentioned in the processing and handling nor that you can adjust the taste for the perfect drinking pleasure. Now you can set preferences of beverages intensity using the +/- button, and so has an adjustable intensity drinks. This fully automatic brewing process can be interrupted any time or renewed and so you can still change in the production of coffee, the setting. I am in the operation also important that the engine is equal to operational. The Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy has a special heating system and needs therefore not as long as other machines to become warm.  

How much noise does the machine?

One factor that has me previously always been very disturbed, was that the machine I had before was very loud and could not be used in the morning. I have taken that, while others were still asleep, the whole house was awake and I had on the machine quickly no longer fun.


conclusion guyWith the Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy has a device having a good relationship between price and performance. The machine is very low and can still be well served. The design update ensured that the buyer of this machine has now are a very nice piece of home, which is incomparably beautiful and classic design comes classy. The capsules are designed so that, thanks to modern technology, all beverages can be dispensed properly , One drawback is that you only the brand and capsules can be taken because of the new and sophisticated technology. These are quite expensive and it also has quite a bit of garbage. But the coffee is always very fresh and you can just prepare an incredible range of drinks in the Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy.That means you have a machine that you can have for all and thus not only saves money but also space. The operation is incomparably practical. Thanks to the scheme can be the coffee or tea as much drink as you would like grade and must not be limited to an intensity. All the capsules there is also in so many varieties that while sampling guaranteed entertainment. A very long while, you can work through the range until you have your favorite variety found. Coffee preparation is done with one click, and cleaning is also easy and uncomplicated. You can even wash parts of the Bosch Tassimo T 55 Charmy in the dishwasher and prepare the machine completely straightforward.

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