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Review: PIXIE EN 125 S capsule coffee machine

Today I want to talk about the purchase and commissioning of our new coffee maker. I also want to write about my coffee preparation with the device and what experiences I have made with the coffee. The report is designed to help interested people to see whether the right machine comes in the form of the DeLonghi Nespresso Pixie, or whether it is better to resort to a machine.  

The reason to buy

We are a family in which some coffee is drunk. We restrict the intake to one or two cups for breakfast and otherwise we drink little coffee. Since we need a machine as little drinkers, the excellent even with small serving sizes makes coffee we opted for this DeLonghi machine.  

The DeLonghi Nespresso Pixie moves in with us

We have unpacked the device and were first surprising that this is so small. The machine fits through the small size really everywhere. Still to this device looks so good. It has through the aluminum casing a retro look that is elegant yet classic.  

The test

We have supplied the capsules used, but you get a lot of other exciting varieties commercially. Buyer should make sure that you take really only those who have also been approved by the manufacturer, as it can lead to problems with the guarantee otherwise and because it makes otherwise under circumstances the coffee break. What bothered me the predecessor device has been the time it took the machine to approach. However, this has only a very short warm-up time of 25-30 seconds, which means that you make the machine ready for use and it will then prepare the coffee after this heating. Preparations're graduating soon, filling the desired amount of water in the water tank and is a pad in the pad holder.It has a compact brewing technology with 19 bar high-performance pump integrated in the machine, which makes it possible that you can carry out the preparation of smaller quantities without loss of performance.  

The cleaning

Even the best coffee is drunk times and then the DeLonghi Pixie also has to be cleaned again. It is important that you, the parts all can take apart and this can then be cleaned separately. Here you can remove the water tank and rinse this in itself. One should decalcify the machine from time to time and rid the machine of residues. This can be done with hot water and with water with vinegar, which is allowed to pass through the machine.  

Energy consumption

We have a unit selected, which is very energy efficient. This aspect should not be too much to lose sight of it and so can use the energy-saving mode with up to 40% reduced energy consumption. This is even less Engerie than is the case with energy class A. One can concentrate make thanks to automatic switch-off to the coffee and does not have to make all too worried about the energy consumption. This is so low that the operation of the machine does not fall in the annual statement to the weight.  

About the DeLonghi Nespresso Pixie

We make daily one or two cups of coffee that are just right for this device. You can use the machine a large glass, as macchiato latte glasses is indeed the case. This was important for us, if we even have visitors who consumed this drink preference. Included also are 16 coffee pads are included.  


conclusion guyIn summary, one can say that the acquisition of this machine option for all people who drink little coffee and also have little space. By Padtechnologie produces less waste than would be the case with capsule machines, which is itself very positive. One can say that the machine has an excellent balance between price and performance and convinces by good workmanship also. The design is timeless and fits all decorating styles, by the small size, you can place the unit in small rooms or use behind a veneer. I can not think positively, that represent the operating cost of the device quite favorable. One has to buy not only no expensive capsules, but can take instead pads. It also has the advantage that it is very cheap to run using the power saving settings and must not expect very expensive postpay. The device automatically turns off and you have to worry about nothing. This is in many ways a positive element, should apply to all environmentally conscious and price-conscious people be an important selling point. In addition, is still very great that the device almost immediately makes good coffee, so after the button less than a minute takes until you the device can operate. This is particularly important when it even has to be fast.Just as if one morning the breakfast coffee cooked. It also comes with the same pads are included which help try the device first. But you get the pads also wherever you can buy the machine. Even some discounters have pads available that you simply can pack into the unit. All around recommendable device, which knows how to impress with good workmanship, a comfortable value for money and user-friendly handling. It is not only suitable for people who drink little coffee, but also a good buy if you want to prepare high-quality coffee at a fair price.  

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