Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine

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Review: Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine

The Bosch Tassimo TAS 1252 capping machine cut in the test very well and may have to be rather referred to as a multi-Drink dispenser. The small all-rounder can prepare over forty different drinks that taste always perfect with the help of the barcode scanner. Whether filter coffee, cafe crema, cappuccino, espresso, latte macchiato, tea or hot cocoa, the Bosch machine recognizes the bar code of the coffee capsule, how much water is needed, what the temperature is optimal, and also recognizes the brewing time of the beverage to produce. The easy to use and the large selection of specialty drinks the stylish capsule machine, Bosch emerged as the winner.


The 2.4 kilogram Bosch Tassimo TAS 1252 is a compact capsule machine with automatic, error-resistant 1-button operation for beverage capsules or T DISC. The integrated LED of the coffee machine panel provides information on the device status, such as the standby mode, or automatic beverage preparation, as well as the individual beverage preparation, and when the water tank needs to be filled or, machine should be decalcified. The unique T DISC is patented. Using Barcode recognizes the machine the content of the beverage capsule.Automatic beverage size, the brewing time and temperature for the perfect drinking pleasure is adjusted. The individual drinks intensity can be interrupted at any time or extended on request.  

Great drinks diversity

In the test aromatic filter coffee, Italian espresso, Caffè Crema and cappuccino with perfect crema, latte macchiato, as well as tea and cocoa cooked and everything tasted perfect and was a real treat. The removable water tank has a capacity of 0.7 liters and is equipped with a perfect liquid milk technology. The rapid heating of the Tassimo capsule machine makes it available immediately after power is used. The heat-up time after switching on the device or after switching between the specialty drinks is very short. The Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine permits direct preparation of another beverage specialty without that the machine needs to be cleaned in between and without that taste transfer takes place, since the preparation of the beverage takes place inside the capsule.  

The test winner Bosch

This Tassimo by Bosch emerged as the clear winner, as it has a relatively low energy consumption, as it automatically goes after every brewing operation in the standby mode. The cup stand is removable and adjustable in height. Thus, it fits almost all espresso and coffee cups, and glasses. The opening of the brewing system is damped by a ceramic cap. Other advantages are automatic safety shutdown when opening the brewing system, as well as the automatic cleaning and descaling, which with a special Service T DISC that is included in the delivery, performed wird.Zusätzlich located on the unit a special safety device by which an unintentional brewing process is not possible. The Kaspeln can be disposed of without dripping. The removable items can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.  


The advantages of the Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine are obvious. Who such a device calls his own, of course, benefited primarily from a delicious and especially very rich aroma, and tasty hot drink. This capsule machine operates at a significantly higher pressure, namely a water heater-pump pressure system of maximum 3.3 bar. This has a stronger and more intense flavor than positive result. The powerful 1300 Watt engine brings out the best quality of each favorite hot beverage from the capsule. A clear advantage of the capsule machine is also the low purchase price and diePlatzersparnis compared to a fully automated machine. The Bosch capsule filling machine can be clearly better and more easily stowed or up to save space. Another advantage is that the preparation of the coffee with this capping machine is very simple and requires no previous knowledge. Is there enough water in the tank and the capsule s'liegt in the designated device, you need press only the button, and the delicious favorite drink is prepared immediately. In the test it was found that in classical pads can volatilize the flavor of the coffee powder contained over time, even when the pads are kept airtight in a pad-box. The capsules have the advantage that the aroma and flavor from the outset firmly encapsulated in and nothing is lost in the taste. By well-designed closure techniques neither air from outside can get inside, still air coming from the inside out. Everyone can take advantage of a hundred percent aroma of coffee friend and connoisseurs also after a long time without having a loss of taste.  


conclusion guyThe Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine not only has a very attractive design, but also offers a wide variety of over forty drinks many popular brands. The beverage quality designed perfectly and is an absolute pleasure. This serving machine from Bosch permits to cast individually prepared coffees. Thanks to its compact device size the Bosch TAS1252 coffee capsule machine can be placed anywhere and save space, thanks to its attractive design catch the eye. The beverage preparation is very easy thanks to the single-button operation. With little effort, you can enjoy a great coffee taste, always when one is just after. The Bosch capsule filling machine is an asset and offers coffee, tea and cocoa.

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