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Test report: Andrew James Cafetiere Coffee maker

The following article is about the Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker. This coffee maker does not need filter bags or coffee pads. It only requires ground coffee and boiled water. Thus, with this 1-liter coffee maker, the coffee empties belong to history.Not only can an excellent coffee be brewed, which can fill the entire 8 cups, but the whole thing in the shortest possible time. The Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker fully unfolds all the flavors of the coffee, revealing the unique taste of each coffee. By varying the amount of coffee and the drawing time and, of course, the coffees, you can achieve a variety of different flavors that will bring you new coffee experiences. Buy the wonderful Andrew James Cafetière coffee maker and enjoy its outstanding quality, its simplicity and the excellent taste of the coffee that surpasses that of a coffee brewer's brewed coffee. See the following report for more information on this great product.  

The ingredients of the Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker

It consists of: - stainless steel lid - Double-walled stainless steel pot - Stainless steel handle - metal strainer - screw cap - lid silicone sealed (leakage protection) - stainless steel measuring spoons with integrated coffee bag clip (included) - gift box (included)  

This is how you use the coffee maker

First of all, whole beans are ground with a coffee grinder. The best is because the aromas unfold better. 60 grams of ground coffee beans are included in the scope of supply as well as the measuring spoon for filling. Subsequently pour the coarsely ground powder with hot, no longer boiling water (approx. 95 degrees Celsius). For a perfect coffee, it is recommended to fill the container with water. According to the instructions the drawing time of the coffee is about 6 minutes. It is also enough to have the coffee shortened when the time is scarce. The faster or more slow pressing down of the screen also changes the taste. As described above, this produces a different taste which is not less good. Everyone has a different taste, so it takes a few attempts at coffee brewing, until the bow is out and the perfect coffee brews. The sieve, which is integrated into the jug, can be pushed down more slowly or more quickly.IMPORTANT. Press evenly so that the coffee is perfect. Thanks to the fixed-mounted pouring device, the finished coffee can be filled easily into cups without spilling the edelweiss. Thanks to the double-walled stainless steel jug, it keeps the coffee a few hours warm, so you can enjoy your "premium coffee" and do not have to suck it in before it cools.  

Common mistakes at the Andrew James Cafetière coffee maker

Many people are annoyed because the coffee does not taste as good as it should be. This is usually due to the wrong operation of this unit. Here are common mistakes that you should avoid to have long fun at their coffee. If you fill the coffee only halfway and half of the coffee is filled, there is not even a good coffee as a full container offers it. This coffee maker is designed for the full filling capacity. Between the integrated metal filter and the can, there is an intended clearance for the powder when the screen is pushed all the way through. If the can is not filled completely, water and coffee particles are mixed in the intended open space. The fine coffee particles are washed out and make the coffee bitter. The coffee is also bitter when you use too finely ground coffee powder and also makes it easy to press down the coffee because the coffee is compressed by pressure. Therefore only use coarse powder. Take care that the water and coffee should not be in contact for too long, as this contraction also makes the coffee bitter.  

The advantages of the Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker

This great product creates a direct contact between the water and the coffee powder and thus the tastes and the flavors of the coffee are completely transformed into the water. As mentioned above, the taste can be changed by the degree of grinding of the coffee, the drawing time, the amount of the ground coffee and, of course, the type of coffee, to a positive taste experience. Since the coffee is not filtered, you do not need filter bags. Through the integrated metal filter, the coffee is pressed down, but the flavoring essential oils remain in the coffee. Unlike filter bags that contain the essential oils. Moreover, the Andrew James Cafetière coffee maker is easy to clean because it is suitable for the dishwasher. However, if you want to clean it thoroughly, you can also disassemble it. Due to its robust skeleton made of the finest stainless steel, it does not break even if it falls to the ground.  

Cleaning the French press

The cleaning of the Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker is very simple. A cleaning, which is very elaborate, is almost never necessary and is, if it should be necessary, not a big problem, because this coffee maker also feels comfortable in the dishwasher and without damage, but still clean. However, it is generally sufficient to rinse the jug and its components with hot water.  


Conclusion guyThe Andrew James Cafetière is a coffee maker, which certainly tastes at coffee machines, if not even surpasses. In addition, its easy-to-clean materials, with which it is built, is a great advantage because it facilitates cleaning. Whether by hand or with the dishwasher it will clean quickly. Thanks to its easy handling and the tips described above, everyone can enjoy a wonderfully fragrant and aromatic coffee. Due to its double-walled jug form, the coffee stays warm for a long time and can also be transported to work or traveling without getting cold. Through the different possibilities to change the taste of the coffee, countless possibilities remain to make a perfect coffee. The Andrew James Cafetière coffee maker is high-quality, which makes it very robust and resistant and does not break through its materials such as stainless steel. The Andrew James Cafetiere coffee maker is a coffee maker for the whole family. Because of its filling capacity of literally one liter, it is sufficient for a family visit. With the included gift box a great gift for the holidays or the birthdays of the loved ones.  

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