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Test report: Bodum Chambord 1924 16 Coffee maker

The Bodum Chambord coffee maker in the video

Here is the Bodum Chambord 0.5 liter 1924-16. This is a coffee maker which is easy to clean, does not need filter bags, is filled with ground coffee powder and holds 4 coffee cups. With it, the cups can be filled with wonderfully tasting coffee in a short time. By preparing without coffee filters, the coffee gets an excellent taste and the Bodum Chambord unfolds the fine aromas of the coffee. One can achieve with it a variety of aromas by varying the coffees and the quantity of the ground coffee. You do not know if it is worth to buy such a machine? In the following text, you will find information to help you make the decision.  

The components of Bodum Chambord 1924-16

It consists of: - Chrome-plated cover - Chrome plated - Heat-resistant glass - plastic handle and lid - metal sieve - bayonets closure - silicone cover sealed (leakage protection)  

This is how you use the coffee maker

Using a handmill, grind whole beans roughly. Add the amount of approx. 28 g indicated in the instructions to the glass jar using the supplied spoon. After doing this, you only have to pour the whole thing with boiling water (preferably from the water cooker), it is recommended to use approx. 95 degrees. It is best to fill the pot with water until it reaches the top. According to the operating instructions you should leave the coffee for 6 minutes. However, it is also sufficient if the coffee has to be pulled quickly. As already described in the text, a different taste of the coffee is produced. Since everyone has a different taste and flavor perception, it takes a few Kaffeebr√ľhversuche until you have the best taste for themselves found. The screen can be slower or faster downwards. This also changes the taste of the coffee. It is important, however, to press down the screen with even pressure. Before using the strainer, always screw it tight, otherwise it can happen that it solves itself. Now you can pour your coffee and enjoy. Thanks to the rotatable cover, this is child's play. Make sure that the lid is closed while the coffee is being pulled. When pouring, turn the lid with the opening slots forward. So you can easily fill the coffee into a cup. If you forget to turn the lid, one or the other drop can go wrong.Since the glass vessel does not keep the coffee warm, it is advisable to drink it quickly or to refill it into a thermo container.  

Common mistakes

Many take the Bodum Chambord and make it only half full. They take half the amount of water and coffee. This coffee maker is designed for the full filling capacity, so you should also complete it. There is a provided for the ground coffee clearance between the metal filter and the glass floor, which is produced in full by pressing the screen. Turning the cafetiere correctly, the space is completely filled by the coffee powder. If the Bodum Chambord is only filled to 1/3 or half, water and coffee powder mix in this open space. The water then cleans the finest coffee particles and they then land in the cup. This changes the taste and makes the coffee bitter. Some customers use too fine ground coffee powder. This leads to bitter coffee and makes the stamping down of the stamper more difficult since the powder condenses. You should only use coarse powder.  

The advantages of Bodum Chambord

A direct and homogeneous contact of the water with the coffee powder takes place in the coffee maker. The taste can be easily adjusted as the degree of coffee grind, the quantity of coffee and the drawing time can be varied.Depending on the personal feeling. Furthermore, the coffee is not filtered. This means no filter bags. The metal filter of the coffee maker is very coarse, so that it squeezes the coffee powder but leaves the essential oils. This ensures a better taste. Moreover, the coffee maker is very easy to clean, since it is suitable for dishwashers. Care should be taken with the jug, since the glass is thin and can quickly break. If they are dropped, they easily break. Another advantage is that you do not have to exchange the entire Bodum Chambord, but only a pot of the right size is needed. A further advantage is the fact that one does not need any filter bags.  

Cleaning the squeeze-out jug

The Bodum Chambord is very easy to clean. On the one hand, elaborate cleaning is rarely necessary and on the other hand all parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As a rule, however, it is sufficient to rinse the jug and its parts with hot water. If you want to clean them thoroughly, you can unscrew the filter unit. You should be very careful with the glass jug when cleaning, as this is very thin-walled.  


Conclusion guyThe Bodum Chambord 0.5 liter 1924-16 coffee maker is a nurturing alternative to the large coffee machine, the taste of which is based on coffee machines. It is easy to use and easy to clean. You can put it in the dishwasher and wash by hand. In order to clean it thoroughly, it is easy to divide it into its individual parts and reassemble it. With this coffee maker you can prepare deliciously delicious coffee.However, it is advisable to refill the coffee or to drink it quickly as it becomes bitter by the extraction of coffee and water and the glass jug does not keep the coffee properly. The taste of the coffee can be easily changed by adjusting the amount of coffee, for example. The processing of the Bodum Chambord is of high quality, however there is a small flaw. The glass jug does not fit tightly in the frame. This does not bother very much. In addition, the glass is very thin, which requires caution when handling it. If the jug is broken, however, you do not have to buy a new coffee maker, but you can easily order it in the correct size. All in all, the Bodum Chambord is a very good coffee machine, which comes at a coffee machine, because of the taste. It is suitable not only for weekend use with the family but also for holidays and everyday life.  

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