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Test report: Bodum Chambord 1928 16 Coffee maker

Passionate coffee drinkers love the aromatic and unadulterated taste of a high-quality coffee. After the era of the machine-made filter coffee a renaissance of the urban-made coffees occurs. Coffee powder and hot, no longer boiling water are the most important ingredients. As with tea preparation, a clear trend towards careful and prudent preparation is also evident in coffee boiling. This starts with the selection of a high-quality coffees and goes over the correct grinding of the coffee beans up to the preparation of the coffee powder with hot water. Traditional appliances for coffee making, such as the Chambord kettle, recapture the favor of the coffee drinkers. The Chambord jug, also known as a press jug, coffee press or French press, combines easy handling with classic coffee preparation. It consists of a cylindrical glass body, a punch with sieve, which presses the coffee set downwards, a rack for the installation and a lid.  

The coffee maker Bodum Chambord 1.0 liters

Since 1944 the Danish manufacturer Bodum has been producing kitchen utensils and crockery. The Danish company, now based in Switzerland, was awarded several awards for the design of its coffee makers in the 1950s and the 1970s. The Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter for the preparation of 8 cups is again very popular with the consumers and is often bought. Buyers praise in reviews at the Internet Handelsportal Amazon the easy handling, the excellent coffee aroma and the easy cleansing in the dishwasher or the sink. With hot water and a good coffee powder, an excellent and incomparably aromatic coffee can be produced within 5 minutes.  

The procedure for coffee boiling with the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter

Connoisseurs grind the coffee beans just before the preparation. The coffee grinder is to be adjusted to the grinding stage "coarse" or "medium" when preparing freshly brewed coffee with the Bodum Chambord. This avoids too many tiny coffee grains in the cup. If you do not have a coffee mill, you can order pre-ground coffee in the "French Pressing" grinding shop. Coffee makers have already recognized the increased demand for coarse ground coffee and offer "French pressing" at moderate prices. According to the recipe, the required amount of coffee is added to the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter and poured over with hot water until the glass container is full. Stir with a spoon until the coffee powder is evenly distributed in the water. When the water is poured in, small coffees or clumps may be formed which prevent the coffee from being evenly drawn through. After stirring, the coffee is given 5 minutes to pass through. Then the coffee set is pressed down with the internally mounted stamping sieve and the coffee is poured.  

Avoid preparation errors

After the preparation in the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter, the fresh coffee should either be distributed into the coffee cups or poured into another container. When the coffee continues to move in Bodum Chambord after 5 minutes, the taste changes. The acidity and bitter tastes are carried through. The coffees should be a premium variety. Cheap kaffees from unknown origin can not be cultivated or contain residues of stems, leaves and stunted beans. They have an unfavorable effect on the aroma. Only the best sorting quality, properly ground coffee powder and high-quality roasted coffee guarantee first-class aroma when preparing with the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter. If you often need less coffee than can be prepared with the Bodum Chambord, a second coffee maker should be purchased with less volume. Between the coffee pot and the bottom of the vessel is provided a space for the coffee set. The coffee set is held down by the punch at the pouring. If the amount of the coffee for three cups is simply calculated with the corresponding amount of water, the distance in the lower part of the pot no longer matches. There is then lots of coffee in the cup. If necessary, the suitably prepared coffee can also be poured through a sieve during pouring into the coffee cup.  

Benefits of coffee making with the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter

- The coffee is merely pressed through a sieve, not filtered. All flavoring substances get into the coffee. - The handling is easy. The constant purchase of accessories deleted. - Experienced user of Bodum Chambord 1.0 liters to the coffee flavor by the time of brewing, the quantity of coffee and vary timely Anschöpfen the coffee grounds. - Easy cleaning in the dishwasher or by hand in the sink. - Correct adjustment Of the container size to the requirement.  

Disadvantages of coffee making with the Bodum Chambord

- Tiny Coffee granules can always turn up in freshly brewed coffee. - Inattentive preparation can affect the flavor adversely.  

Availability and purchase of Bodum Chambord

The Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter can be ordered from the assortment or can be ordered without any problem. Many Internet portals, such as Amazon and eBay, run the coffee maker in the assortment. Prices may vary by provider. A search on the Internet with the search term Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter yields more than 10,000 results. A price comparison is worthwhile in any case.  


Conclusion guyLovers of an aromatic and fresh coffee attach great importance to the full and genuine flavor. The Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter 1928-16 makes the preparation of a coffee, with all the aromatic components to the advantage. Buyers on the Internet platform Amazon gave the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter 1928-16 in reviews 4.6 out of 5 possible points. The unique flavor of fresh with the Bodum Chambord 1.0 liter 1928-16 brewed coffee and the easy handling of the coffee maker was praised.  

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