Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker

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Review: Bialetti Moka Express Espresso Maker


Bialetti Moka Express 3 cups espresso maker

The Bialetti espresso maker is a brand product of this quality manufacturer. It was placed on an especially natural type of espresso preparation of particularly high value. The coffee culture in Italy is very old and is always a celebration there. The different roasts are individually brewed and processed Macciato a wonderful espresso or espresso. This espresso maker producing a completely original espresso is possible.  

Rugged construction

The Bialetti espresso maker is completely made of stainless steel. Thus, the boiler is completely shock-free use. It can without being damaged readily once fall. Both materials are durable processed so that this boiler is for many years properly available. At the upper end a handle is attached to this easy to open even when hot on the stove.This is made of plastic material which minimizes conduction of heat. In addition, a Henkel is attached to the side of plastic. Even this is not conductive and remains largely cold in the espresso production.  

Suitable for small quantities

The espresso maker is suitable for smaller quantities. One to three cups can thus be produced. This is mainly single-person households, small families or even small catering establishments, the target group of this digester.Especially when all households in the morning only one cup is often required which was then quickly produced with the cooker.  

Suitable for all heat sources

This Bialetti Moka Express is suitable for all heat sources except induction. The best works of the boiler and gas hob or conventional hob. On ceramic hobs is necessary to examine whether this also recognize the stove. Often in these fields coils installed have an automatic pan detection. These can optionally be too small to detect and eliminate it. For gas stoves should be noted that the flame is to be selected according to the size of the digester, otherwise heating of the handle may be which is of course not desired.  

Patented safety valve

The patented safety valve ensures that no unwanted overcooking the unit can be. The valve is oriented so that the pressure always remains uniform and is automatically terminated at a given pressure ratio.  

Operation and preparation

The espresso maker is completely operated without electricity. The operation is thus completely mechanically.Therefore, no user manual is also in this kettle supplied in this sense attached. Due to its easy handling lacks this.The preparation is quite simple, but requires a little practice to also create a similar result. First, a good water is to be selected for the preparation. Here, it depends on the calcium content, and thus also to the rest of the composition. The calcareous water worse so tastes of espresso. Therefore, thepurchase of a scale filter is worthwhile at this problem. This brings advantages in the cleaning of the equipment and especially the taste of espresso or mocha. After the water is introduced is additionally introduced the desired amount of coffee powder. This one can easily measure with a corresponding bucket. Such a tray is available in specialist shops. Of course you can achieve with any other spoon this but. After the water boils, the water and the espresso unite in the device to the delicious drink.This is then served in small espresso cups. Classic ranges you to then a smallglass of water. Alternatively, can be prepared rather than an espresso and a mocha. This will not be manufactured in the machine but in the cup. A mocha is generated by adding mocha powder in a cup. In hot water is added. The mocha powder then drops into the cup slowly. Thus it is achieved that the powder is not mitgetrunken but remains at the bottom of the cup. After the end of production, the device can be cleaned under running water or in the dishwasher. After that, it is simplystored and can wait in the closet for the next mission.  

Suitable as gift

This espresso maker is also suitable as agift. Coffeelovers are especially pleased about the kinds of individual preparation of such a delicious espresso. Also called incentive gift or giveaway, this espresso maker readily be used. The purchase price is low and easy to be recorded as a business expense.  


conclusion guyThis espresso maker you purchase a branded product which is conceived as durable device. One can thus espresso and mocha prepared simply and effectively. The lightweight and Italian specialtycoffee is now available in almost every household. Also strong espressos and other specialties can be produced and used inorder to treat the whole family. The espresso maker is extremely easy to clean and requires no maintenance. Accessoriesis not necessary for the preparation of espresso, but a measuring spoon advised. This inexpensive device is worth every household and is a gift, a great gift. The workmanship is flawless and durable, the manufacturer gives a warranty from that the device can also be tested for long. The robust stainless steel can be well maintained with a mild detergent and then a long-life element in any kitchen.  

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