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Review: Bialetti Venus Espresso Maker


What you should know about the Bialetti Venus Espresso Maker

The Bialetti Venus 4 cups espresso maker consists of a stainless steel and should be in every small to medium budget. He has a goodprice / performance ratio and is extremely durable if properly cared for. This is mainly due to the clean processing and the high quality material.  

Good quality and great design

The Bialetti Venus 4 cups espresso maker have a good quality. They impress with their easy handling and the safe use. A particular advantage is that the handle during use is not heated. It consists of a heat-resistant material, so that thecoffee maker can also be used directly, if the water is hot. This protects against burns and makes operating the espresso cooker even easier and safer. In addition, the boiler is designed so that no hot water drips. If the coffee maker is not required, then it is used as a decoration in every kitchen shelf. The smooth and shiny surface of the boiler by Bialetti is very noble and high quality.  

The Bialetti Venus Exspressokocher easy to clean

After use, the coffee maker can be disassembled. The individual parts can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher.Even after repeated use, the device still looks like new. The stainless steel of the boiler is particularly robust. He does not scratch and does not go quickly to a case from the table broke. Therefore is worth thepurchase of this high quality stove because it is very durable. This is an acquisition that prepares the user through years of pleasure. If proper care is also no lime sets. After using the cooker must be hot rinsed and dried. Then he stays long condition.  

Operation is also simple for novices

The espresso maker by Bialetti consists of two major parts. In the upper part of the coffee powder is filled. The large opening which is very simple. At the bottom of water filled therein. Once the water begins to boil, the hot steam pushes the water into a tube. Through the fine tube, the water reaches the coffee powder and from here through the upper tubes into the integrated coffee container. Once sufficient water has passed through the tube and the water level is below the pipe, comes only water vapor and the coffee is ready. Thecoffee has a very exceptional taste by thespecial brewing process. This flavor is as of the preparation with steam as we know it from Italy.  

Benefits of Espresso digester

The espresso maker has compared to similar products many advantages. The handling is very simple, so that even laymen quickly so get along. Even the design of small kitchen helper is very appealing. If the boiler is not required, then he finds decorative on the kitchen shelf. The espresso maker is especially suitable for espresso in a cup size. 4 The practical spout nothing more bib during decanting. Again, the manufacturer has taken on a particular type of security.  

The espresso maker can be used individually

The espresso maker is suitable for all heat sources. Thus it can be used individually. It is very stable and does not tilt so quickly. If some water running next to it, then the water can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. The surface of the material is very smooth, so that dirt can not easily fix. The shapely copy is very popular with many coffee drinkers. Also in shared little kitchen helpers is indispensable.The quality of espresso produced with any other device so quickly and easily.  


conclusion guyThe espresso maker Bialetti Venus Espresso Maker has a good quality.He is perfect for the small budget and in WGs. Wherever coffee connoisseurs come together, the acquisition of small digester worth. The espresso maker is very safe and stable. It applies to every hearth place and does not tilt to its robust design. Not much can happen through the heat-resistant grip when grabbing thoughtlessly after steaming kettle.Likewise, the manufacturer has put much emphasis on safety in the design of the outlet protection. The cooker can be used anytime, anywhere. It is easy to fill through its large openings. The water is strongly heated by the stove and a water vapor. The steam of the actual brewing process starts. Only when only steam escapes from the machine, because the tube which conducts the evaporated water on the coffee powder, only minimalavailable. Anyone who has ever made with this equipment Espresso, wants no other cooker more. Operation is simple and the design very nice. It is particularly convenient that all parts are dishwasher safe. Thus, they can always be cleaned quickly and easily and the unitavailable for the next espresso enjoyment. Despite that the coffee maker has such great quality, it is available on Amazon for a good price. The acquisition is worthwhile in any case.

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