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Review: Cloer 5928 coffee percolator


What you should know about Cloer 5928 coffee percolator

The espresso maker made of stainless steel is characterized by a compact design and an attractive design. The stove must be connected to any power grid in Europe and is easily used in all situations. In addition, the coffee maker can be applied everywhere and the coffee is prepared quickly. All coffees can be used. With an integrated thermostat, the device switches off by itself when the espresso is prepared. The well also helps to save energy. With an additional coffee sieve are up to 6 cups prepare easily and coffee also remains hotter for longer in the pot. The exterior thermal insulation burning the fingers on the can is no longer possible.  

Shipping and Packaging

The customer reviews state that the coffee maker has arrived within a few days after the order and also the packaging has been found so that this unit arrives without damage. Thus, the coffee maker can also be found in the short term if it is to be a gift, for example.  


The espresso maker is characterized by a very simple operation and prepares the coffee too quickly. Cleaning is also easy to perform and particularly advantageous is the spring which ensures that the filter is very easy to remove. The indicator light indicates when the coffee maker is ready and the integrated thermostat, the boiler is switched on by itself from. Then the coffee is ready to be cooked so that also remains from the situation that the boiler may stay on unattended. The additional Espresso filter for 3 and 6 cups are suitable. For the preparation of different strong coffee drinks or more cups Thus, one can serve an aromatic drink guests also. The jug is removable and can be put on the table. With the on-off switch the coffee maker can be operated with one click. The pot made of stainless steel is easy to clean and the products resulting from the use of fingerprints are very easy to remove with a stainless steel cleaner. On the whole, the coffee maker is very easy to use to use and can easily be compared with the pad machines.  


The Cloer coffee percolator not only impresses with its attractive design, but also by its properties. With a size of 14.5 x 17 x 23 cm, it is very handy and found everywhere a place. The heating of the container is very fast in spite of 365 watts and 6 cups of coffee is ready to drink in 6 minutes. A simple cleaning with clear water is also nothing in the way and is done in a very short time. The heater is equipped with all major functions and ensures optimal use. Weighing minimum 1.1kg with an output of 230 V and 365 watts, it has everything you could wish for a perfect espresso.  

Quality and processing

The quality is very good and guarantees the customer a long life. The workmanship is excellent and ensures optimal use. The espresso maker is made of stainless steel. And the filter have a very good processing. The rubber ring provides a firm, non-slip, is also of a good quality. The espresso maker is distinguished by the shape with an optimal firmness. The valve gives the user also a security in the use, so that the pressure can escape safely. This espresso maker and the quality of theprice-performance ratio is absolutely justified. Excellent quality at an attractive price.  


The espresso maker is equipped with a very compact design, which makes him space. Moreover, through the additional filter directed entirely to the needscoffee quantity produce. The stove has a size of H = 23 cm x B = 14,5 cm x L = 17 cm and can be operated with electricity. The convenient material and excellent workmanship of the espresso maker is very easy to clean and the coffee filter are very easy to remove thanks to the spring. Everything can be cleaned under running water and reassembled. The outside of Espresso digester is so isolated that you can not burn after the condiments. In addition, a thermostat is integrated, which automatically turns off the stove after completion of making coffee and so also still the same ensures a save-power. The cooker also has the property that the coffee always develops a consistent flavor and makes for a pleasant coffee pleasure. The espresso is prepared in minutes, so you have to wait for the enjoyment of 6 minutes at a rate of 6 cups. In addition, this stove is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. An espresso maker, which meets all requirements and meets all coffee preferences.  


  • Fast preparation
  • Easy cleaning
  • Automaticallyausschaltendes Thermostat
  • Economical 365 Watts
  • Insulated outer coating
  • pilot light
  • Two additional coffee filters
  • No Stove necessary because the stove is used electrically


conclusion guyIf one gives the test of the magazine "test result" faith, one can say with a clear conscience that thecoffee maker 5928 from Cloer represents a very good investment. The stove ensures optimum coffee flavor and a fascinating easy operation. The fascinating thing is that the coffee maker is as easy to use as a kettle. Because the boiler is powered by electricity, a supervision is not necessary. The espresso maker is highly praised and it can also be seen no disadvantages, so that one can be really happy with this device. The spring, which makes it very easy to remove the filter and clean, is a big plus. The stove is to bring in any way with a cheap device in conjunction, as the processing and the taste instruct each user better. The different screen inserts the coffee is to cook in different amounts, so that can also benefit the visit of this fast but very aromatic coffee. With 300 ml is taken care of for six cups. If you do not prefer the pad machines must, this espresso or mocha machine is ideal and also it is also environmentally friendly, which alsooffers an advantage. The Cloer 5928 at a comfortableprice to 60.00 euros one is prepared for each coffee. An espresso maker without disadvantages and the optimal for an espresso or mocha provides.

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