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Review: Rommelsbacher EKO 366E Percolator


What you should know about Rommelsbacher EKO 366 / E coffee percolator

Many people like to drink espresso. But to cook it properly requiresspecial equipment. That is why we are providing today such a device: the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher  

Technical specifications

Product name: EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Brand: Rommelsbacher Device Type: Percolator Power: 365 Watt Voltage: 230 Volt Material: Stainless Steel Weight: 1.1 kg Size: 14 x 14 x 21 cm Features: lighted on / off switch,automatic shutdown , overheating and dry protection, safety valve, concealed heating element, integrated cable rewind  

The first impression

Put it to EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher from his box immediately notice the refined look in the eye.Thoroughly silvery shiny, impressed the pot made of stainless steel by a pyramid-like tapered shape and ergonomic handles. The cover looks tight and will not be solved even after frequent open or / be easy shaky. A robust construction ensures a long life and a lot of joy to the unit.  

The operation

Contrary to commercial espresso machines or simple espresso cookers from grandma's day, which were often made of aluminum, the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe works Rommelsbacher like a kettle. After having filled water in the water tank needs to be filled in one of the two filters ground coffee, so no polluting Tabs or Peds. The filter in this case differ in their size. Then, the connector is simply plugged into the socket and the Espresso cooks from all alone. This simple and environmentally friendly technology is ideal for the average Joe Espresso drinkers. Old hazards such as burning on the hot stove or expensive coffee machines are eliminated.  

The safety

work As with all electrical equipment, the water security plays animportant and central role. When EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher this is sufficiently assured by several steps. First of all, the heating element is not directly in the water. This calcification and decay is avoided, thereby increasing the durability as well. Furthermore, in this espresso maker, anautomatic opening mechanism exists. This prevents overcooking of the water and avoids scalding, as it were possible even in old kettles. A Over Temperature and dry-protect the expensive equipment and the heating coil from damage and prevent cable fires before. Thus, the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher can be verified as absolutely safe Percolator.  

The cleaning

Purification of the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher appear incredibly easy. Rinse the pot with hot water is sufficient to take them back into operation.  

The espresso

Of course, the taste and consistency of the brewed espresso play the mostimportant role in a coffee percolator.Likewise, this is the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher. First of all, the amount to be considered, which can be cooked with a cook times. So the water tank holds all 330ml. This is sufficient for 3 to 6 cups of espresso. Exactly how much is cooked can be determined with two different sized filter. Here, the small filter for 3 cups and the large filter for 6 cups ranges. Thus can already supply smaller Kaffeekr√§nzchen with espresso or mocha with the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher. The taste of the espresso itself is dependent on the quality of the raw material used. Biggest advantage is the lack of attachment to tabs or Peds. Thus can cook any variety, unlike other espresso machines in EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher. More dependent on the machine is the texture of the finishedcoffee. And indeed disappointed the noble machine at this point. The espresso is brewed highly aromatic and tastes like a real espresso should taste. Missing creaminess or highly liquid espresso now belong to the past.  


conclusion guyIn conclusion therefore can say only one thing about the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher: This machine is perfect to prepare espresso. Regardless of whether you occasionally times drinking an espresso or almost every day is worth thepurchase of this product. Qualitatively it is clearly superior to conventional rusting aluminum cookers for the griddle. And this both in environmental performance, handling and durability. The direct integration of kettle and espresso maker in a single device, no energy is lost on heating. Numerous security mechanisms ensure continued enjoyment EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher while maximum personal safety.High-quality stainless steel materials and a sturdy design make cooking for ongoing fun Espresso, even after years. A simple cleaningsaves time and helps avoid frustration. Thanksto the possibility of using ground espresso extend countless opportunities and an extensive range of tastes. At the same time protects the environment by avoiding Tabs and Peds. Compared to these, the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe can hold a candle Rommelsbacher both in taste, creaminess and ease of use. Thanksto its compact size makes it continue to take away on vacation or to work. he has this mobility requires its Ped and Tab conspecifics. Only to professional coffee machines can not trump the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher. This, however, he proposes to wide lengths inprice-performance ratio. For each which a very good espresso is sufficient, the happy times in small groups enjoying a few cups you. For the smaller budget, the EKO 366 / E ElPresso deLuxe Rommelsbacher should be the first choice when looking for a good espresso machine Those who can not do without high end technology, should look more like acoffee machine.

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