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Test report: Tealounge 15-357 Tea machine

  Fast brewing a coffee with a capsule machine is now quite normal. But now there is the Tealounge 15-357 tea machine, which promises the tea always just right to brew. Because tea is more challenging, especially as regards water quality. Therefore, there is also a Tealounge 15-357 tea machine with a water filter, which is not the only difference to a coffee machine.  

Always the right temperature

Tea brewing is not so simple, but with the Tealounge 15-357 this should be easy. Simply set the desired type of tea, the rest then takes over the machine automatically. For this purpose there are buttons, which are marked in color, just like the capsules. This sounds good, but consumers should test the machine. Because in everyday life it is only apparent whether the Tealounge 15-357 holds what the manufacturer promises. Of course, it is guaranteed a relief just when it has to go fast. However, tea is also always associated with peace and relaxation. As far as all this sounds good, but only then should the testers look the same way. As a result, the result was more likely to grow, but this had nothing to do with the handling.  

Easy handling guaranteed

All testers were of the opinion here, the machine is easy to handle. However, before the tea drinking, first read the usage instructions. This is important here because the machine must be flushed before the first tea. It is also important that everyone knows exactly which degree of hardness the tap water has. If this is very soft, the water filter is not needed. For all other degrees of hardness this is recommended. Because only then can the tea unfold its full taste, without which this then bitter tastes. It is also important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer so that the machine can then also brew really good tea afterwards. This is what the testers did, but first of all they were all delighted about the slim construction. In addition, there is the water tank on the back of the machine. Filling the tank is easy and the insertion is the same. Here, all testers agreed, just as the commissioning went just as fast. But whoever is in a hurry, will be at the Tealounge 15-357, because this says exactly what she would like. So even if not enough rinsed, then no tea can be brewed. But then it is really easy. Remove a capsule, place in the machine and press the appropriate color.  

Soft and round taste

Some of the testers tried to drink the tea first. Here everyone thought the tea was simply indescribable soft in the taste. Even black tea was not bitter, but had its own full flavor. Here the testers were really pleasantly surprised, as well as the selection, which was directly in the test package. However, some have not drank the latte chai, because of the milk that is needed. With all other teas, some testers were really more than pleasantly surprised, because somehow this tasted quite different than these were previously accustomed. Thus, the Tealounge 15-357 does all the work here, but above all also the temperature. This brews the tea really exactly, which can then also unfold the full taste. For this, the Tealounge 15-357 is, of course, also the time required, because tea pulls first so that the aroma can unfold here. So all the testers were of the opinion, especially the simple handling was a really absolute plus.  

Unfortunately lots of rubbish

This was the biggest criticism, because of course a lot of garbage is created. This collects then under the cup tray.This collecting container is designed not only for the capsules used, but also for the simultaneous collection of overflowed water. So this container has to be changed several times, but this was not really felt as negative. Rather the empty capsules, which are also made of metal, was a big point of criticism here. In addition, a new water filter must be used every three months, just as there are extra cleaning capsules. All of them found the testers less positive, which also did not influence the good taste, but simply, but with time costs a lot of money. However, for a good cup of tea, this can then be hurt. It was also considered negative that there is no warning for the water. Here, the machine simply stops if there is too little water in the tank. So always before the tea brew must be watched only after the water.  

Large selection of teas

This was directly felt very positively, because, of course, there are not only three varieties of tea. This is exactly what makes this the biggest advantage, as well as the easy handling. But the good and above all soft taste, then convinced all testers. Also the adjustable plate for the cups was felt as very practical, just like the easy handling with the colors. So no one can do anything wrong, because the machine simply takes everything else. Thus, this machine is definitely suitable for a quick cup of tea. However, pure tea drinkers, especially those who enjoy only loose tea, were not really enthusiastic. Here the difference is still very large. However, all have praised the great selection. The bitter aftertaste, these are in proportion but very expensive. Just like the other accessories. Positive was again felt, the here only tea is prepared.


Conclusion guy The testers were rather mixed, just as far as the garbage was concerned. Pure tea drinkers did not really taste the tea, but better than tea from the bag. If it has to go fast, then the Tealounge 15-357 is absolutely ideal. Ideal for people who are in a hurry. Too expensive the capsules were looked at, whereby the machine is worthwhile only for occasional tea drinkers. The exact brewing temperature and easy handling were then positive. A machine that brews really good tea, which of course was then received more positively in all testers.

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