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Review: Cilio 202113 Treviso Percolator

What you should know about the Cilio Treviso Percolator

For the first time the original espresso machine was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1855 and has remained in almost every household in daily use. Espresso or mocha, concentrated and invigoratingcoffee drinks include any first-class menu and begin every imaginative morning. Originally, the popular drink comes from Milan and there are darker, more aromatic coffee beans used in contrast to the standard Arabica beans for filter coffee.  

Preparing espresso

Basically in espresso that dark and aromatic beans are ground to very fine ground coffee. This can be purchased either made themselves in household with a coffee bean grinding machine or already ground finished. The flour is then cooked at high pressure and in conjunction with hot water, so that a concentrated form of coffee is formed with an upper foamy layer. In addition, can also be asserted that espresso unlike filter coffee is more digestible because caffeine and bitter substances are not absorbed so intensely in the preparation of espresso. Furthermore, it is possible to produce various popular coffee creations in conjunction with espresso, macchiato example, latte or cappuccino. In this first milk is frothed hot and rested for about twenty seconds. Following a shot of espresso is poured into the center and so created the wonderful coffee layers. Also worth mentioning are various decoration templates that represent a beautiful pattern on the variety of coffee creations in conjunction with cocoa.  

Special preparation with the Cilio Treviso Percolator

The Percolator Treviso of Cilio provides an ideal opportunity to prepare espresso. Basically, with this, the choice to prepare 4 or 6 servings. If smaller quantities are required, one uses a Reduziersieb. The espresso maker has a height of 18 centimeters and has a diameter of 9.5 centimeters. To prepare the base is filled with water and the funnel with finely ground espresso powder. Both parts are firmly bolted to the handy pot. Following the coffee maker is placed on the stove. A great advantage is the induction plan suitable soil, which quickly transfers the heat of the stove on the espresso maker Treviso from Cilio. Due to the existing seal a required pressure of approximately one to two bar is generated. The water in the lower part is pushed up and is very short with ground espresso powder in the hopper into contact.

The detailed operating instructions for the espresso maker Treviso of Cilio

Following a detailed review of the recommended use of the espresso maker Treviso of Cilio explains. At the beginning of the coffee maker is screwed and the desired amount of water for up to a maximum of six cups is introduced into the lower part. The safety valve is the uppermost limit. Subsequently, the filter insert is inserted into the cooking base. This is very important, so that no coffee grounds is present in the final product. It is recommended that the amount of a measuring spoon (about seven grams) of ground espresso powder per cup.This amount is charged to the strainer, died judge smooth and not too hard pressed. The edge of the screen will now be cleaned. Furthermore, the coffee maker firmly screwed together. Furthermore, the lid is closed and the coffee maker is placed on the stove; there is heated to the highest level. Once a faint rumbling is heard, gives a sign that the water has touched the espresso powder in the lower part. Now the coffee maker can be removed from the stove. After preparation of espresso, he should be served immediately.In what way that each individual is left to himself.  

Recommended cleaning of espresso digester Treviso of Cilio

The espresso maker is not dishwasher safe, so a hand washing is necessary. First, the entire coffee should be poured in the interior and the espresso maker Treviso of Cilio should be cooled.Given some life is necessary. To cool all the items can already be taken apart in advance. The strainer with coffee grounds may then be emptied and disposed of carefully. To clean the cooled items of warm water and gentle detergent is recommended. All parts are dried open to air.  

Benefits of Espresso digester Treviso of Cilio

As might be expected from the premium brand Cilio, is the product 202113 Treviso Percolator extremely high quality and pleasant to use. The Percolator features individually desired preparation possibility of four to six cups. The product is made of polished stainless steel and is therefore very high. A plan ground as well as a safety valve are present. The plan ground prevents the stainless steel Espresso digester warps over time by the heat.Furthermore, a big plus that thecoffee maker Treviso is suitable for all types of stoves and induction. However, this is dependent on the minimum size of a pot detection of the cooker. By the stability of the Espresso digester is even possible to apply it on a gas stove or camping gas stove without wobbling. In addition, the model includes no strange inner coating, formed by the edges and discoloration. Thus, no change in taste occur in the final product and this also speaks for the quality premium products. The lid of the cooker espresso is never too hot, as the stylish product has a temperature insulation. The product is perfect for a small household of two to three people or for use when guests arrive. Even to mention that in this espresso maker is never talk of unpleasant steam outlet in the preparation of espresso. To date, therefore, no user has scalded. Even the bubbling in the completion of espresso does not make bad noise but sounds pleasant. Furthermore, apply the product simple and helplessness a Operation is as care instructions with. Also rust product and not espresso does not overflow.  

Other advantages

  • the operating and Pfleganleitung are included in the delivery
  • agift box is included in the delivery
  • timeless, exclusive and chic design
  • massive, perfectly designed and elegant appearance
  • classic product
  • solid build quality of the product
  • simple and uncomplicated cleaning of espresso digester

Disadvantages of Espresso digester Treviso of Cilio

  • not dishwasher safe, so hand washing necessary
  • when used on a gas stove, the handle will be hot, not in use on an electric stove
  • Discoloration or corrupted taste of the final product when used incorrectly
  • no further disadvantages


conclusion guyAs a conclusion can now be said that thecoffee maker Treviso of Cilio is an excellent product of high quality. The price-performance ratio is excellent due to the many advantages offered by the coffee maker. The product has an extraordinary longevity despite daily household use and can be used properly for the manufacture of various specialty coffees.Another plus provides the coffee maker as it does not drip when pouring as many other espresso maker. In comparison between the advantages and disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages and hence the purchase of Espresso digester Treviso of Cilio is recommended.

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