Bodum Kenya 1978 01 Coffee maker

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Test report: Bodum Kenya 1978 01 Coffee maker

The KENYA coffee maker from Bodum has a good quality. It is easy to apply and creates up to 8 cups of coffee.The preparation is so simple and fast, so it is a practical solution for the office, in the apartment or for the home.  

Advantages of the KENYA coffee maker from Bodum

The KENYA coffee maker is very sturdy and elegant. It is easy to fill and provides a delicious coffee for home or office in no time. The glass of the coffee maker is enclosed by a frame made of sturdy stainless steel. This makes it even better protected. The glass is a tasteless-neutral borosilicate glass. It does not burst when it comes into contact with hot water.  

Special characteristics of the coffee maker

The Bodum coffee maker has a simple yet elegant design. It should not be missing in any kitchen. If it is not needed, it can usually find its place for decoration purposes. The high-quality glass makes the coffee maker easy to clean. After use, it can be cleaned with clear water and a soft cloth so that it is available for the next coffee drink.  

Quickly and simply create a delicious coffee

Through the Kenya Bodum coffee maker, a delicious coffee can be prepared within a very short time. First, the desired amount of coffee powder is filled into the coffee maker. Then boiling hot water is added. The water is pressed through the coffee powder by a long firm pressure on the stable button. There remains a full-bodied coffee flavor.  

The coffee maker 1978-01 from Bodum has to be put up

The coffee maker 1978-01 is cleanly processed. When used properly, the device is very durable. In order to be able to press the rod better, it is advisable if the cover is held fast. Then nothing can slip or tip over. The device should be used on a flat surface. Due to the large opening, the filling of coffee and water is no problem. The Bodum coffee maker has a light weight of 603 g. It measures 11.1 x 22.2 x 15.2 cm and therefore fits on any shelf in the kitchen or on a shelf. The combination of stainless steel and glass, Bodum has also succeeded perfectly in this model.  

Freshly brewed coffee is also appreciated by connoisseurs

Self-made or handwork still stands for quality and taste. This is also the case with coffee. Freshly hand-brewed coffee tastes better as a coffee from the coffee machine. The small effort is worthwhile, because with the integrated press filter system the coffee always succeeds the same. Unlike coffee machines, the appliance can not so quickly calcify and the coffee does not taste burnt. The coffee will convince even coffee lovers. The coffee maker variant is sufficient for 8 cups. If necessary, Bodum also has other sizes to buy. These have only different dimensions. The method of the brewing process is the same for all Bodum appliances. Since the push down is fun, just models of Bodum are very popular with coffee lovers. The device has a great price / performance ratio and scores above all because of its ease.  


Conclusion guyThe Bodum Kenya Coffee Maker 1978-01 is an ideal kitchen aid. It can be used as decoration or for making coffee. The preparation with the coffee maker always succeeds. Coffee and hot water are filled into the large opening of the pastry maker. The water is pressed through the coffee powder by gentle and even pressure. This creates a completely aromatic coffee flavor.Prütt is not produced in the coffee, since this is picked up by the screen cleanly. The coffee maker is a practical aid for the holidays, at the campsite, in the office or at home. It is very stable and has a modern design. The Bodum coffee maker is a great gift for every coffee lover. Whenever short-term visitors appear, a great coffee can be conjured in a few minutes. The system is very environmentally aware, since, unlike coffee machines, the use of electricity is dispensed with. It is easy to stow when not in use. Anyone who wants to take the unit in the next camping holiday should not throw away the packaging for a better transport. The device is very light and compact, so it can be stowed away in the case or in a travel bag. Choosing the type of coffee is up to each user to leave you. The pot looks so elegant, so that they can be placed on every breakfast table. The pouring of the coffee is no problem. There is nothing wrong, but can be dosed perfectly through the spout. Only the rod of the filter system is not quite stable. Therefore it is always advisable that the lid is held down when the rod is pressed down. This will cause the system to slide down smoothly and there is no coffee jam next to it or get into the coffee.The coffee is always the same, so that every coffee lover will be very happy about such a gift from Bodum.

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