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Test report: Gastroback 42439 Tea machine

The Gastroback Gourmet Tea Advanced Automatic Model number 42439, prepares the tea professionally and very individually. The tea machine has been extensively tested and is a perfect device to prepare a delicious tea. 

Tea machine with many functions

The Gastroback Gourmet Tea Advanced Automatic proved to be unique with its numerous different functions. With a powerful output of 2000 watts, the water is heated very quickly to the desired temperature. In addition, the temperature is adjustable and you can decide for yourself which temperature the tea is to draw. The brewing time can also be adjusted as required. The machine for tea cooking is equipped with six teeprograms, each offering four different brewing strengths. The freshly boiled tea is kept warm in the glass jug with a capacity of 1.5 liters. The holding temperature can be regulated in five degrees Celsius steps. An insulated heating element round off the cordelose 2.4 kilogram heavy device.  

Fully automatic -Tee in the morning

The special feature of the Gastroback tea machine with the compact dimensions of 215 x 220 x 260 millimeters is that you can pre-program when to start the tea. You can enjoy the finished tea the next morning after a shower. This is not only very convenient, it also saves a lot of time. Only this function excellently performed in the test. The silver-colored tea machine from Gastroback works with modern and well thought-out technology quickly and reliably. The Gastroback Teeautomat proved to be the Ferrari among the tea machines. Gastroback is not an unknown company, and stands for high quality household products.  

Always the favorite steak prepared quickly

The Gastroback tea machine allows the passionate tea drinker to lean back and takes over the preparation of the favorite drink fully automatically. Only the brewing temperature and the brewing time have to be adjusted in advance by the user. Everything else is taken away by the tea-friend. You can not make tea more easily. The highlight of the tea machine is the tea strainer. This is reduced after reaching the pre-set water temperature of itself and after the brewing time has elapsed, it starts again by itself. This ensures that the tea is neither too bitter nor too weak. The selection of six teeprograms, each with four different brewing intensities, makes the cooking of tea more comfortable than never before. Nevertheless, it is advisable to obtain an absolutely individual result, the settings themselves by hand. Because every tea as well as every tea gourmet possesses its own qualities, which are very difficult to complete with a teeprogramm.  

The 24 hour timer in the test

Another feature of the Gastroback that has been tested is a great advantage for morning muffles, namely the 24-hour timer function. In the evening, only the tea has to be filled into the sieve and the water has to be poured into the digester, then one can look forward to the next morning without a hassle and stress, directly after getting up over a ready-made pot of hot tea. The Gastroback 42439 tea machine is made of high quality materials and very well processed. The tea filter is made of solid stainless steel. This is a very big advantage because the filter purchase can be saved. The Gastroback is versatile and not only suitable for cooking, it can also be used as an ordinary water cooker.  

An investment that is worthwhile

The Gastroback 42439 Gourmet Tea Advanced Automatic lets the user dream longer in the morning. After getting up, the tea is already prepared, thanks to the digital 24-hour timer. The tea machine ensures the perfect, aromatic tea enjoyment at any time of the day. The investment of around 230 euros is worthwhile in any case, as drinking tea gives a sense of cosiness and balance. The hot drink also warms from the inside. With the optically very appealing coffee-maker from Gastoback, the favorite sort of wine is fully-brewed in the strength, the tea friend best taste. The Filter Up function of the Gastroback Gourmet Tea Advanced Automatic 42439 tea machine supports the slightly higher price of the appliance. The tea filter is fully automatic and reduced in seconds and raised again  

Benefits for connoisseurs

This modern tea ceremony for the home offers six different tea programs, each with four different brewing intensities. The preparation of herbal tea, black tea, as well as white tea, green tea, and oolong tea are an easiness. The user has the advantage of being able to choose which tea to enjoy. With the Custom function, the desired drawing time and brewing temperature are simply set. With the help of the tea freshness indicator and warming function, a wonderful tea with a maximum preparation quantity of 1.5 liters per pot can be enjoyed at any time of the day.


Conclusion guy The fully automatic water cooker is not a bargain, but with the timer for 24 hours, the intelligent tea programs and the LC display and the intuitive keys, this investment is absolutely justified. This multifunctional profiter of Gastroback can even make sensitive green tea. If you want to sleep longer in the morning or more comfortable breakfast, this tea machine is well advised. With this automatic teapot, fresh tea flows through the house whenever it is desired.

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