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Review: Severin KM 3873 coffee grinder

Severin KM 3873 Coffee grinder in Video

Any coffee lover knows that there is nothing better than a freshly ground cup of coffee. This can be done with the coffee grinder Severin and with an indescribable flavor.With the coffee grinder Severin KM 3873 is from the aromatic stimulant an absolute treat, which is indispensable in the morning, if you want to start the day right. the coffee is ground to an electrical conical grinder consisting of a high-grade stainless steel. The machine is extremely durable. She works very gently, causing the ground beans develop their flavor in a very special way. The grinder has the advantage that the beans are only very slightly heated in grinding through the technology. This allows the flavors are released in a pleasant way. Thus they can develop their full flavor. For a flavor gentle preparation is guaranteed, which also has repercussions on the coffee. The grinding is set at this coffee grinder in 10 different levels. This is extremely important for a very finely ground coffee, but also for a slightly coarser ground filter coffee. The coffee grinder has all the advantages and the 10 different grinding degrees are perfectly adequate to grind the optimum coffee can. With 150 watts the mill has enough power to grind the coffee quickly and optimally.  

Features at a glance

  • There are ten different grinding degrees
  • Suitable for ground coffee and filter coffee
  • High quality stainless steel conical grinder guarantee a gentle grinding of the coffee beans and gets the full flavor
  • The Mug Volume can be adjusted via the integrated timer
  • The collection container is equipped for 100 g of ground coffee
  • The bean container has a capacity for 150 g coffee beans
  • The grinder is equipped with non-slip rubber feet which gives her a special stop.
  • The Severin has a power of 150 watts

Operation and comfort of Severin

The operation of this coffee grinder is very simple and shows very easily. The transparent coffee bean container absorbs 150 g beans and the advantage is that the beans may remain in the tank until the next grinding process and not lose through the airtight closure of flavor. Even with just a glance you can see whether coffee beans can be replenished. On the right side of the coffee grinder, you can set the desired number of cups and the freeness to be preferred having set both, is performed by pressing a button on the front of the milling process. If the powder is finished ground then it is filled into the container which can then be easily removed. If one would like once more coffee grinding, then the container is plugged straight back to the coffee grinder. The volume is not larger than that of a normal coffee machine and is not disturbing for this reason, and it also takes a few minutes until the ground coffee ready.  

Cleaning the coffee grinder Severin

The coffee grinder must not be cleaned but with much effort that the very fine coffee dust like that settles under the lid and but accumulates on the walls of the container is no longer to be used for making coffee and must be discarded. This is very a pity and is actually wasted. This coffee dust is quite simple but can be brushed off with a small brush.Otherwise the containers are very light rinse under water. The convenient material the containers are but also to clean in the dishwasher and can be just used again afterwards. It's that easy. The coffee grinder is in all areas of advantage and ensures fast and easy cleaning.  

The quality of the coffee

The coffee is very aromatic, which is brought about by the high-quality grinder. Even i the moment when the coffee is ground, the smell of the coffee used in the kitchen. The higher the quality, the coffee beans, the more mature the aroma of coffee. Similarly, if you you will like to drink espresso be surprised how high is the taste. A coffee grinder, which makes for a very special coffee flavor. Of course, it also depends on which coffee is taken and this is very important for a perfect flavor. The convenient milling process the coffee can release its flavor in a special way to ensure the perfect enjoyment. Whether after work or in the morning to wake up with this coffee grinder every coffee is a stimulant or an optimal relaxation drink. By the milling process, the bitter substances are not released what also the pleasing aroma supported. A coffee on you no longer want to do without when you have once tasted it.  

Advantages of Severin coffee grinder

  • The coffee grinder is characterized by a fascinating design
  • It has a high-quality conical grinder
  • The conical burr grinder ensures a fine and different coarse coffee powder, the cook coffee is perfect.

Delivery and packaging

The scope of supply includes the coffee grinder and coffee beans, and the matching coffee container. Everything is packed in plastic bags, so that nothing can pollute is very advantageous and provides optimum protection. Also included with the operating manual. This is shown very easy to understand and also broken down step by step. This manual really everybody understands.  


conclusion guyVery handy is the Mug default, which is integrated with this coffee grinder. With the default setting you can set the perfect amount needed for his morning coffee. So you have about gauging no longer necessary and a good coffee excellent. With 150 watts of power an optimum grinding result is guaranteed. However, the fine dust is very bad rid. Therefore it would be very nice if at the delivery, a brush would be included for cleaning. What could possibly interfere with the one or the other, that is the noise of the coffee grinder, but the fantastic coffee makes up for the milled noise and especially the wonderful fragrance that moves through the spaces. Not only that, the design and the technique are very appealing, but also the value for money, because this coffee grinder is very favorable for their equipment. It also provides in every kitchen a perfect look and very appealing. It is too bad to be presented only in the closet. The beautiful shape and the fascinating look long for more. An investment that you should not do without if you are a coffee lover and want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee with home-ground coffee beans.  

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