Clatronic KSW 3306 Coffee grinder

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Review: Clatronic KSW 3306 Coffee grinder

If one is the aroma of freshly ground coffee in the morning and stayed therefore never want to do without this, you will certainly want to enjoy a freshly brewed coffee day after day. In this case, the Clatronic 283023 KSW 3306 Kaffemühle ideally suited for to permanently and reliably implement the wishes into action.  

The coffee grinder with optimum equipment

The Clatronic is equipped with a percussion and a rain gauge made of stainless steel, which prepared a pleasant finely ground coffee. The coffee grinder is operated electrically and not a crank. This makes operation even easier equal. For an aroma preservation and optimal hygiene of the bean container made of stainless steel makes. The vessel accommodates 40 g coffee beans, which is sufficient for 20 cups of coffee and an optimum flavor guaranteed. the coffee grinder is covered with a transparent cover, without which the coffee grinder is also not to use, which is an optimal safety for the user. Fitted is the coffee grinder Clatronic 283023 KSW 3306 with a strong 120 Watt motor, the coffee powder may be particularly fine grind. Another highlight, having this coffee grinder, is the safety button, which is also responsible for the pulse operation.The degree of beating can be achieved by the length of operation. If you have ground his coffee and the coffee mill is no longer needed, then you can use the cord storage facility and store the coffee grinder to save space in the closet. The coffee grinder has a power supply of 230 volts and 50 hertz and of course the 120 watts of power. The coffee grinder has a size of 10 x 10 x 20 cm and a weight of 680 g.  

Ideal for the kitchen

The coffee, which is prepared in the coffee grinder, you can cook the best espresso in the riser jug. But cooking also filter coffee in the old traditional way, with coffee filters and coffee pot as grandmother's time, the coffee is a treat. However, the coffee grinder still other features, the Clatronic can also wonderful grind spices, nuts, dried herbs, all it needs to crush in the kitchen, you can also make the coffee grinder way still. An all-rounder, the you can not refuse for this reason alone. This coffee grinder is characterized by a high quality and processing and even if you ground other things never accept as coffee, by simply cleaning the coffee is the taste of spices or other ingredients that have been milled.Another advantage offered by the Clatronic having.  

A pleasant and easy operation

Hobs espresso and filter coffee will prepare this coffee grinder for a long time every day, that is what the processing and the excellent materials which ensure a long life. For the price, the machine is optimally fulfilled your task very well. The finer you want to have the coffee, the longer it has to be ground, the grinding degree can decide itself and through the transparent lid, you can observe it wonderful, and detect when the coffee or spices are what you want to have him. The impact blades are very sharp and do their job very well. A further advantage is that one can keep the coffee in the container, and it does not lose flavor by the sealing cover closing.  


- Easy to use - Capacity of 40 g coffee beans, enough for 20 cups of coffee the coffee grind fine enough for the stove pot - - The coffee is also fine enough ground for an espresso machine - The grind can be selected according to the needs - the longer you coffee grinds, the finer it is - an optimal price-performance ratio to use also for grinding spices and nuts - - Easy and fast cleaning by stainless steel - Compact size and handiness  


- For longer runs are likely to overheat - pulse operation is necessary - for a pound of coffee, the coffee grinder is not suitable  

The pulsed operation should use

The grinding switch is in this coffee grinder ideal for pulse mode, otherwise at the milling move the coffee beans by the rotation of the wall of the coffee grinder up and then can not be gripped by the knife. For this reason, you should always use the pulse mode. This is a perfect grinding guarantees.  

The design

The Clatronic you have a coffee grinder, the excellently fits into any kitchen design. She has a pleasant shape and an interesting color scheme in white and silver, which gives it a luxurious look. The grinder of Clatronic immediately to an eye-catcher, when you come into the kitchen. The design is highlighted by the technical characteristics.  


conclusion guyWhen it comes to the convenient and reliable preparation of aromatic coffee, you have the Clatronic 283023 KSW 3306 Coffee grinder found the right device. With the high-quality design and excellent facilities in Puncto technique, the grinding coffee a real experience. But not only that is excellent to master, but the Clatronic also ensures that spices and herbs can be processed into powder and as simple as grinding coffee. But the excellent facilities and the technical characteristics, which brings together the Coffee Mill with the elegant design ensures. The grinding process is fast and it can be milled for 20 cups of coffee beans. With 40 g coffee beans that is done quickly and a lovely scent will fill the spaces. Another advantage is that you can ground coffee that you do not need the same, left in the coffee grinder and can use it later. The airtight lid closing the coffee will not lose its flavor, but remain that way. In terms of hygiene, the coffee grinder is high, because the container and the rain gauges and the percussion, each made of stainless steel, an optimal and quick cleaning is guaranteed. In the dishwasher and running water can be the coffee grinder optimally. This also optimal hygiene is guaranteed. All in all, one with the machine a helper and a kitchen aid that everything can grind what you need in the kitchen and at an excellent price-performance ratio. A high quality device that you can not refuse, and if one is not only coffee lovers.

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