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Review: Rommelsbacher EKM 200 coffee grinder

Coffee enjoyment and good preparation are closely related. Freshly ground coffee is strong again in fashion and each of us statistically approximately 750 cups of coffee drinks, also the consideration worth a coffee grinder like Rommelsbacher EKM buying 200thIn a practice-related test, the advantages of this model clearly show. In this model, already covered the design on that this coffee grinder, exactly the flavor of many hits, because with their color design in matt black and silver applications reveals a wonderful contrast, the elegance and style shows. It showed in the test other functional benefits, this coffee grinder with the powerful 110 Watt motor.  

The EKM 200 allows gentle grinding with full aroma

Aroma loss is the use of a good coffee grinder, as the EKM 200 avoided that showed the results of the practical test. There is an argument for the purchase of an electric coffee grinder, because the aroma is fully preserved from grinding to brewing the coffee. Between the gentle crushing the coffee bean takes only a few minutes away, and the grinding process is completed here in acrylic containers at this coffee grinder. Thus arises the test and the result that the requirement of full preservation of the aroma is implemented and managed in any way in the design. Also, the grinding process itself is important because too fast grinding produces temperature and too high a temperature makes the aromas evaporate. This shows in the test that the tuning of the engine power is very satisfactorily met the requirements of the gentle grinding. The coffee is only slightly warm and thus retains its full flavor. Here convinced the results fully in the test in practice.  

High quality design and materials with sound processing

In the test we noticed at the first contact with this coffee grinder manufacturer Rommelsbacher that here quality plastics and metals were used to make this small kitchen appliance. Everything was carefully matched, the proportions and the round shapes give a very impressive picture of elegance. Knowing about these coffee grinder standing around on the countertop in the kitchen, so an additional eye-catcher of high quality is created signals. This first impression is conveyed about the functionality and feel to the touch. The control knobs in their stylistic deposition in a metal design go perfectly with the overall impression and here shows real use design that is convincing in every detail.  

A quality grinder made in the test for very good results

A coffee grinder to produce different coffee flour made from coffee beans. The level of granularity and size of the ground coffee can be adjusted individually here and to different degrees with a thumbwheel. In the test it was examined exactly how precisely this feature really works and how easy the setting works. It showed in the result a convincing performance. So it was the same with the setting of the amount of coffee on the front knob. Again, different amounts of coffee beans were introduced to test how far the Kaffeemühle overcomes these amounts and in accordance with the preselection with the knob is finished in Test. This worked here very well. The results were very convincing, the machine had very well mastered in a few seconds this coffee beans according to the setting of the grind. The machine is on 2 - designed 12 cups of coffee beans and the measuring units fit functionally to the manufacturer's specifications and were confirmed in the test. In practice, showed the cover to fill the beans and the container for the ground coffee. All in all, very functional and precisely coordinated. The grinder is designed as a disc grinder and was very well done with the assigned tasks of the test. Also clean the container and the mill are easy to do and make the coffee grinder easy to maintain. Moreover, this coffee grinder has an automatic cable reel, which proved very positive in the test, because here no cable is to use loosely around. This machine is generally well managed in its conception and execution.  

Very quietly and efficiently shows this coffee grinder

Coffee grinders are known for volume and here the designers have really accomplished a small miracle, because the test is measured values, which really impressed with 69 dbA showed. By encapsulated grinder and the enclosed design, these values could be achieved. This is very convincing and shows how well this machine can grind coffee. The efficiency was obtained anyway, because soon this machine is always, even in large quantities.  

All the advantages of the test include:

  • Power from 230 V ~ 110 W
  • Color black with steel applications
  • very quiet and solid disc grinder
  • simple and individual adjustment of the grind
  • Portioning via rotary knobs for 2 - 12 cups of coffee
  • On / Off pushbutton - high security
  • Coffee bean container for (250 g fitted with protective cover
  • Powder collection container removable and aroma Rights
  • safe and convenient handling
  • removable and easy to clean easy to maintain Mahlstempel
  • cable rewind
  • Cleaning brush and Lot in delivery
  • Product dimensions W x D x H 180 x 105 x 265 mm

With this machine, the manufacturer is a good success for

This coffee grinder combines many good features in it and the designers have really thought about good coffee and aroma protected ground coffee. The test has confirmed many good qualities and showed that you really, quiet, friendly and very efficient its daily requirement of ground coffee itself can be produced with this coffee grinder. This convinced in the test and makes these EKM 200 so attractive.  


conclusion guyThe result of the test as a conclusion is simply convincing and gives an overall result that can be given only as real recommendation again. Everyone who is seriously considering to buy a coffee grinder, the 200 should include this model Rommelsbacher, the EKM with in its decisions.This small machine can do much and exactly what you want from it. No big frills but tasteful design that comes up with a technically well-designed interior. Here you really get a durable and solid coffee grinder that an accurately delivers the coffee grounds that you preferred. A small button and then the machine begins to work quietly with their quality grinder and is finished after a few seconds. The test was carried out under practical considerations, has confirmed all announcements of the manufacturer, a really good coffee grinder, which can only be recommended.  

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