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Review: Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder

The EKM 300 the grinding coffee beans is a cinch

Aromatic coffee enjoyment of the highest quality, offering the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder. Who loves the morning aroma of freshly ground coffee, which is found in the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder his determination. Here a top quality combined with outstanding processing seeks definitely second to none. Both in terms of appearance as well as in their functionality, scores the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder, first right down the line. The black, silver machine weighs 2kg and has a power output of 150 watts, the voltage is 230 volts. By noble stainless steel finish and elegant design, the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder fits seamlessly into any modern kitchen. However, the real highlight of Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder is the perfectly prepared grinding the coffee. This can be adjusted to 12 different levels, so that can always trickle the proper amount of ground coffee into the cup. In this setting of mocha espresso are possible to coarsely ground beans that are available for an exquisite coffee taste the best varieties. The grinder is a so-called conical grinder and consists of the material stainless steel. This conical grinder can be easily filled and removed from the machine, so that the cleaning easily falls out of hand and the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder is ready to work again.  

Simple operation and easy cleaning

the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder is operated easily with a convenient on-off switch of the, at the front, centered on the device. Large and ergonomically designed, it was stylishly decorated in black and placed above the logo of the coffee machine. So the morning coffee is easy to prepare, without the user having to worry about a complex operation of the machine. Up to around ten portions can be ground at one with the machine. This option can also be a large amount of ground coffee, without the machine for this purpose acts accordingly huge and would not find their place in the kitchen. For extra long freshness of container for ground beans not only offers plenty of room, but also a practical lid which holds the coffee smell long. Nearly the whole machine can be dismantled into individual parts. All usable items can be cleaned without the here residues would remain in the machine. This principle makes the construction of Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder especially notch and sets out clearly against conventional grinding equipment in this price range. So even the powder container is removable and can be easily rinse. For specific care helps an appropriate cleaning brush that is included with the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder. With the help of the cleaning brush can also be cleaned in accordance with the sensitive grinder.  

No interfering cable clutter

Anyone else excited about annoying cables of the different kitchen appliances, can forward 300 coffee grinder at the Rommelsbacher EKM. Because clutter was with this coffee grinder once. Instead, the cable of Rommelsbacher EKM leaves 300 coffee grinder easily coil without interfering is this in the kitchen. This ensures an additional optical effect but also for safe use of the machine. Quick it happened in conventional machines, that they are, whether unused or used, cunning together with the cable to the ground. To prevent this from happening, the manufacturer has set from the beginning to a perfect finish that can be seen. Demanding lovers of high-quality enjoyment of ground coffee will appreciate the performance of Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder accordingly. No other engine has such excellent grinder as it can be found in this coffee grinder. Also the sound of the grinder can score. This affects not overly loud and annoying, but brings the classic sound of the ground coffee clearly to light and reminiscent of traditional visits to noble cafes.  

Perfect result

What the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder is not designed and should not be used is the grinding of other foods such as nuts or cereals. For this, other devices come in question, the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder, however, offers everything that belongs to the classical grind coffee to. The housing of the machine is extremely compact processed and made robust. This allows the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder running perfectly and the coffee is high ground at any time, as it should be part of a decent grinder in such a design also. During the grinding process the machine is not working but clearly audible but annoying, it quickly and effectively.As a result, the user will find ground coffee, which has its name really deserves.  

Small, practical and strong performance

Where other machines show significant weaknesses which Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder completely convinced. Especially when milling is clear that the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder grinds evenly and no coarse pieces leaves. This will warm the heart of every Coffee Drinker around the world. In the dimensions of 18.5 x 14 x 29.5 cm, the mill turns out not very big and is also on small shelves in the kitchen their place. The removable bean container can accommodate all 220 g content. The powder receptacle allows a pitch of 120 grams. Pleasant black and silver, giving the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder the finishing touches, so that will conjure up these enthusiastic in many points faces. Those looking for a device that allows a perfect grinding of the coffee and also still visually like and value on a high quality, which makes the purchase of Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder nothing wrong. Each coffee connoisseurs should this coffee grinder absolutely can call his own, then is fresh, ground beans are no more obstacles.  


conclusion guyThe Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder has no weaknesses, but a wide range of benefits. Through structured from head to toe, the little kitchen miracle can visually and functionally score. 150 Watt ensure perfect grinding and easy cleaning of the machine highlights the device in addition. Stainless steel ensures the necessary elegance and removable container for a quick cleaning of the individual elements. In summary, the Rommelsbacher EKM 300 coffee grinder all for the need preparation of coffee is required.  

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