Philips HD 7854 Senseo Latte coffee machine

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Review: Philips HD 7854 Senseo Latte Kaffeepadmaschine

The Philips HD 7854 Senseo Latte in Video

For a successful start to the day, but also during the work, it is indispensable. We are talking about the coffee. But Away from the classic coffee I wanted a Kaffeepadmaschine with multiple functions. Besides coffee, should also cappuccino and latte macchiato be possible. Ultimately, my choice on a model of Philips, namely like the Senseo Latte coffee pad machine. What experience I have now done with this Kaffeepadmaschine, you can find below.  

Therefore it was the Senseo coffee pod machine

Small, compact, strong in performance and, of course, not so expensive, these were the criteria that I have set up for buying a coffee machine. After a long search and compare the different models, I decided on the model of Philips. In this model, me especially the multiple functions, the easy user interface, but also the price convinced. Not to be forgotten is also the theme that is something else. Ultimately, were my expectations, especially surpassed in features.  

Details Kaffeepadmaschine

What can the Kaffeepadmaschine, namely more than just regular coffee, it already became clear. But of course this is only possible because the benefit for the Senseo coffee pod machine is true. This includes, for example, its strong performance of approximately 2650 watts. To operate the Kaffeepadmaschine a 230 Volt connection is required. The machine is suitable for the preparation of cappuccino and latte macchiato not only with a water tank, but also to a milk container equipped. The capacity of the water tank is 1.2 liters. With this capacity several cups are having to refill coffee without no problem. A special feature of the Kaffeepadmaschine is certainly the milk frother. In order not unnecessarily wasted energy with Kaffeepadmaschine Senseo, this is equipped with an automatic shutdown. Thus the Kaffeepadmaschine switched spätens after 30 minutes after use, automatically. Thus one can, of course, save on energy and thus also the costs. The Kaffeepadmaschine solid is processed plastic, comes in a light weight of 2.9 kg and compact dimensions of 35 x 20.5 x 35 cm. The very small dimensions and weight, the handling of Kaffeepadmaschine much easier. When designing the Kaffeepadmaschine is held in a fine black tone. Whereby the Kaffeepadmaschine convinced by their shape.  

Ease of use of Kaffeepadmaschine

With just a few simple tricks you can use the Senseo coffee pod machine from Philips. Macchiato coffee, cappuccino or a latte, you just have to fill the respective container, press the button for the desired beverage and off you go. The Kaffeepadmaschine this has a huge advantage, especially when you have time visit, you can brew two cups simultaneously with the Senseo. Through the touch panel operation falls very simple. Rounding out the simple operation of Kaffeepadmaschine, by the other features offered by this. This includes, for example, an adjustable coffee strength and the automatic frothing system. Den the milk frothing is delivered automatically, without the need to adjust something. These in Kaffeepadmaschine is still very quiet operation, so it does not interfere with their volume.  

Very easy maintenance of the Senseo coffee pod machine

Decisive for a long service life of the Senseo coffee pod machine from Philips is of course the care. Can I not the machine properly maintain, this looks natural negative impact on the service life. But this fear one does not have at the Philips Senseo coffee machine. Both the individual containers, so the water tank as well as the milk container can be due to the fact the complete removal, clean very well. But the drainer is easy to clean, as can be seen diee corresponding cover in the machine.Overall, one can say the care is very easy at the coffee machine. Often enough to clean even a cleaning cloth and some warm water. But you can also remove all items such as container or drainer and cleaned in the dishwasher. The all parts are dishwasher safe. At the inner workings of Kaffeepadmaschine of course you can not. But this is no problem at all, the latter is equipped with its own cleaning function for cleaning the coffee machine. This cleaning function can start a cleaning operation within the Kaffeepadmaschine all radicals such as milk residues, but also with blockages. Just press a button and it starts with the cleaning. So far I have used the cleaning function of Kaffeepadmaschine twice and each time it has been working very reliable. unfortunately Who believes now, that you can save the decalcification with this cleaning function, is mistaken. The still have to carry out regular descaling. Where there is a big advantage for the Senseo coffee pod machine, she is equipped with a descaling. This display can be read exactly as it is again for a decalcification time.  

Small criticisms of Kaffeepadmaschine

Besides the many positive experiences that I have now done with the Senseo coffee pod machine, unfortunately there are a few points of criticism. The first point of criticism in the Kaffeepadmaschine concerns the milk container in the machine. This milk container is quite small, this of course has a huge disadvantage. More than two cups you can not do with the Senseo coffee pod machine, really have to fill the milk container. Another criticism in Kaffeepadmaschine relates to processing, here the plug for the power socket. Unfortunately, the connector is held in a straight form and not executed as an angle connector. This has, at least in my kitchen a huge disadvantage, the cable always extends into the countertop into. With an angle plug this were not the case.  


conclusion guyThe fabric is solid is the Kaffeepadmaschine Philips. The Philips Kaffeepadmaschine is equipped with numerous functions with which you can create different types of coffee. The operation in the Senseo coffee pod machine is very easy via the existing touch panel. With the Kaffeepadmaschine can brew two cups at a time. these good Kaffeepadmaschine is rounded off by their very easy maintenance. Besides the possibility of dishwasher cleaning the removable parts that Kaffeepadmaschine is also equipped with its own cleaning function. Two minor criticisms there are with regard to the size of the milk container and the execution of the plug, the execution here as angle plug would have been much better. Apart from the two criticisms, we can recommend the Kaffeepadmaschine Philips safely.

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