Philips HD7870 coffee machine

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Review: Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine

The Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine convinced the test as very user-friendly. The beautifully designed Senseo coffee machine prepares a button any time a perfect aromatic cup of coffee. The unique touch panel in the base of the machine allows a simple and intuitive operation. So you can make different sized cups under the coffee spout, this is adjustable in height.


The 2.7 kg heavy Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine in black bribed the test through its comprehensive functions and your equipment The removable water tank of the machine has a capacity of one liter. The water tank is equipped with a water level indicator, so you know how much water is left. All removable parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher. A descaling indicates when it is time for the cleaning program and provides by regular descaling optimum flavor. Limescale be specifically prevented and the machine promises a long life. The Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine is very flexible and is preparing quantities of coffee 70-280 milliliters to. The device is available in three different color combinations. The integrated LED display enhances the user comfort.  

Espresso, Lungo Caffee and coffee

The Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine provides a strong power of 1450 watts and the preferred coffee strength can be adjusted or programmed. Whether small, strong espresso or a milder Caffee Lungo, no wish remains unfulfilled. The brewing two cups of coffee can be prepared. The brewing time for two cups of coffee is rapid sixty seconds. If the machine is not used for fifteen minutes, the device switches off automatically. The Philips coffee maker has a cable with a sufficient length of about eighty centimeters. The Kaffeepadmaschine has dimensions of a height of 32 centimeters, a width of 25 centimeters and a depth of 31 centimeters,  


The Philips Senseo HD7870 has a housing made of plastic, which is easy to clean and according to the manufacturer is a recycled plastic, which can be seen ecologically very positive. It provides with functions such as automatic shutdown and the power saving function security and saves power. The comfortable features, such as the height-adjustable coffee spout, and the removable water tank, descaling, and the removable drip tray, as well as the water level indicator, and the touch panel are further advantages of Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine and fell in the test especially positive on.  

Test Result - perfect coffee enjoyment

The operation of the Philips HD7870 is thanks to the touch panel, very easy. It responds to light touches. Once the desired coffee strength, either Espresso or mild caffè lungo were chosen, one or two cups of delicious coffee is prepared. The selection can be made already during the heating process. If the machine is heated up completely after a short time, even start the brewing process. The processing of the coffee is very good. The design of the Philips HD7870 is very visually appealing and the pad machine is handy and elegant. The fact that the machine is available in different color combinations, is likely to be found for everyone the right model. The quality of the coffee of course depend on the pads used. However, this machine makes the most of the pads.The temperature of the brewed coffee is around 77 degrees Celsius. Between switching on the machine and the preparation of the coffee to pass less than ninety seconds. The Philips HD7870 is designed well thought out and clearly and accordingly easily be designed also the cleaning and maintenance.  

Delicious Coffee keystroke

This Philips Senseo coffee padma schin coffee tastes for two better. The device can be stylishly placed in the kitchen and thanks to the unique and advanced features such as the Aroma and the easy to use touch panel of excellent Senseo coffee can so often be enjoyed, as you like. The Kaffeepadmaschine designed in modern and distinctive Senseo Design and prepares to keystroke two cups perfect, freshly brewed delicious coffee. Since the machine by Philips produces a delicious and creamy taste in just two minutes, it is also ideal for more than one visitor.  

Favorite coffee with preferred coffee strength

The favorite coffee can be very individual prepared with the preferred coffee strength. Whether a small, strong espresso or a milder Caffè Lungo, the perfectly brewed cup of coffee, nothing stands in the way. Thanks to the right mix of coffee and water. The user-friendly Philips HD 7870 Kaffeepadmaschine guaranteed at all times a perfect cup of coffee with soft, full flavor and a delicious crema. Moreover Senseo offers a wide range of coffee blends and flavors, for personal preferences. Podholder and two cups are included in the delivery.  


conclusion guyThe eighty-euro Kaffeepadmaschine Philips is perfect for coffee lovers. It is easy to use and has lots of options and the coffee strength and the amount of coffee to adapt. The lid closes well and the one-liter water tank eliminates a frequent topping. The touch panel completes this model perfectly. In addition, the machine can be placed anywhere space.The look good taste of coffee and the extensive facilities make the Philips HD7870 Kaffeepadmaschine test winner. convince two-year worldwide warranty

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