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Review: Ideal Eben manual hand grinder

Many people love the taste of the fresh coffee. Using the Ideal Eben hand coffee grinder of coffee can be enjoyed according to personal taste. Any one can autonomously decide whether the coffee is to be mild or strong. After the personal fine-tuning the intensity can be adjusted by the aroma perfectly to your own taste. In the middle of the cylinder of the knob can be rotated and this in clockwise direction. Anyone can then obtain a fine powder and coarse powder is desired, is simply rotated counterclockwise.Everywhere the buyers can look forward to the smell of the freshly brewed coffee, whether traveling, at the office or at home. If the hand coffee grinder used daily, it is very important that the equipment is cleaned once a week. To clean easily, a rag or brush are used. It is important at the mill, that this must not be cleaned with hands, because this may cause injury.  

The technical data and delivery

course Anyone interested in the hand coffee grinder, who wants to know the technical data. The amount of this coffee grinder is 19 centimeters. The cylinder diameter is 5 centimeters and the hand crank length is 15 centimeters. The manual coffee grinder has a net weight of 262 grams and the material is plastic, ceramic and stainless steel. For the delivery, only the hand is one coffee grinder and there are no additional accessories.  

The most important information on hand coffee grinder

Important in hand coffee grinder from the manufacturer Ideal Eben is that the grind to be adjusted individually.Depending on your tastes, the grind may be fine or coarse. The capacity amounts to forty grams of coffee beans and this is about the amount of four cups of freshly brewed coffee. By ceramic grinder there is no heat development and thus there is an intense aroma and no metallic taste. The stainless steel design of the coffee grinder is modern and by the weight of 260 grams is the coffee grinder absolutely easily within the hand. With the help of the hand crank it is just possible that the coffee is ground effortlessly and it consists of the buyer no slipping.  

What is to be considered?

The manual coffee grinder is a manual hand grinder of ideal plane, which has a precision ceramic grinder and is made of stainless steel. The coffee grinder is made of high quality and solid. The parts are precisely and cleanly coordinated. In the coffee grinder, the design is selected solid and simple and it looks chic. For milling little coffee is required and the grinder is working properly. The low weight it is easy to hold and everything can be easily folded and dismantled. In the luggage hand coffee grinder can be easily accommodated and transport works simply. can convince Absolutely the design, quality, and thus is a successful product.


conclusion guy Anyone looking for a coffee grinder, which can be easily milled, which is in the model of ideal plane in the right place. The processing of the mill is impeccable, the plug parts are stuck and there is no squeaking and disturbing noises. The function of the coffee grinder is very good because the coffee is simply filled, the lid and the handle are placed and already is losgemahlen. The adjustment of the grain just works and through the sight glass there is a check on how much has been milled.To clean the grinder can be easily disassembled and rinsed.

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