E-prance K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

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Review: E-prance K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

Without the famous cup of coffee, many consumers can not start the day in the morning. But unfortunately, not all satisfied with the ground coffee, which will bear the market. This is exactly why the E-Prance was K1 manual coffee grinder developed and brought to market. The coffee grinder, provides consumers so peace because only high quality materials are used for production. Moreover, all details are coordinated. With the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder nothing to be desired. 

Place - not an issue

Should the consumer decide times to treat the coffee grinder time out, this is no problem. This is because it takes 6 centimeters rather little space with their product dimensions of 23 x 6.2 x. Also the total weight of 259 grams is hardly worth mentioning. The consumer need not have Angest that the cabinet, the weight can not stand. By ease the mill can be freely carried from A to B. In addition, the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder has a very slim design.  

Frugal consumers can not do business

Because the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder does not need electricity, only the cost negligible. But these are so low that they can be easily overlooked. The only thing the consumer has to spend, is the pure muscle. But even in this case, the consumer must have previously attended no gym.  

Usability - awesome

To make E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder in operation, no major efforts are needed. That is, the consumer assembles the mill, are the coffee beans in the container and actuating the crank. This is very easy to move because it is very long. Furthermore, the consumer has to set up any speakers to operate the mill. This is because the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder is very quiet. In addition, the stability is ensured by the long crank. Thus, no slippage is possible.  

Coffee - as desired

The E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder adapts to the demands of consumers. This means anyone can get his coffee grind as he wants it. This is possible, because the degree of grinding can be adjusted. For the thumbscrew is responsible. In order to get very fine coffee powder, the thumbscrew must be turned clockwise. simply turn the screw for coarse ground coffee in the other direction. The ceramic grinding ensures that the coffee beans are ground uniformly. By using the coffee grinder, the flavor and taste are not distorted. The small window is useful if the consumer wants to watch the grinding process. The best thing about the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder is, the consumer can produce up to 30 grams of coffee powder in a grinding process.  

Cleaning - simple

The internal and external cleaning is a breeze. The culprit is the stainless steel material. This can easily be wiped off. And there are no water drops are a hindrance, because stainless steel is at no rust. After the cleaning process the E-prance let dry slightly in the fresh air K1 manual coffee grinder and the next milling is no obstacle.


conclusion guy The E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder is a grinder that can be used optimally for daily use. A 3-person household can drink coffee all day long, without time needs to be serviced. Thus, may be issued for the E-prance K1 manual coffee grinder a strong buy recommendation. An excellent price-performance ratio puts the coffee grinder to the day.Enjoy grinding the coffee beans.

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