Triumph Tree 389116 Artificial Christmas tree

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Review: Triumph Tree 389116 Artificial Christmas tree

The Triumph Tree 389116 is part of the Premium Collection of Triumph and ours deluxe blue has the height of 185 centimeters. The special feature is that all artificial trees are manufactured by the manufacturer according to the model of nature. Other special features include the plug-in system, the mix of PVC and PE needles and the 1575 branches of the tree. The tree is very high and does not offer free ten years warranty. The metal support structure of the tree is very stable and the security of the buyer to know that ours is flame retardant. 

A special Christmas

The Spruce deluxe model blue of Sherwood is a tree, which was built after the model of nature. For this tree, the blue color is quite typical. An interesting feature of the tree model is that it was made with short needles. In the form of the tips of the ends of the branches were cast and hence the artificial Christmas tree hardly be distinguished from real trees. When the tree is the root of metal and the branches of metal must be plugged in here easy. This meant for the buyer that the branches can easily be plugged in stable holders. All brackets and branches were marked with a color code, which the tree is relatively easy to assemble. Even for children and amateurs it should be possible that the artificial tree is put together. It is started from the bottom and then the branches are easily inserted around the trunk upwards. It will become apparent in connection then the beautiful rings of pine green. There are in the tree the instructions and accurately based on these instructions, the branches may be unfolding. Each thus has the possibility to shape its tree. The Triumph Tree has a very nice shape and after the tree is pretty full, fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations can be distributed also wonderful. Apart from the quality and the longevity especially convincing the uncomplicated way in which the tree can be placed. Just this should be a very important argument for the carefree Christmas. Surely the tree of triumph for the moody atmosphere can make during the holidays.  

Important information on the tree

To date, a fake Christmas tree was not suitable for all people and it was more a matter for the pragmatists. He eventually costs in the following years, no money, he did not needling and it must not be disposed of. The tree can simply after Christmas and be stored at the next hard it is rebuilt. To date, the art trees were often really too artificial and therefore was often resorted back to the real trees. The manufacturer Triumph, the trees can have a very big step in the direction going from the naturalism however yet. The trees of this manufacturer are lush in the branch and needle structure and they are very high quality. These trees are in the spirit of the true firs. The branches can be bent a little and so everybody can have branches right where he wants them. In addition, of course, is important that the tree from the flame-retardant material. The trees provide color-coded items and then they are also assembled. Everything can be dismantled after the feast and wonderful stowed. Those who want to get started with the artificial Christmas tree, requires only a string of lights and some jewelery.


conclusion guyThe Christmas trees from the manufacturer Triumph can be distinguished so that they look very natural. This model can be distinguished only with difficulty from the right trees. The Christmas tree is fireproof and by default, there are ten-year guarantee. The mix of PVC and PE ensures the bushy and natural appearance of the tree. Per plug-in system, the branches must be just hooked and there is a comprehensive guide. The metal base is solid and this is included.

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