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Review: Christmas fir Lena artificial Christmas tre

Christmas is already on everyone's lips and it may then of course a Christmas tree than anything consummating Deko missing not. Now this Tannenbaum can either be genuine from the forest or in the form of an artificial. Of course, a real Christmas tree has its attractions for many, but also the artificial it have more and more people done.Just as with the fir called Lena. Lena is covered almost realistic real and very dense. The fir is unlike many other true firs lose no needles and is thus of course absolutely perfect for my living room. Even putting up on a carpet thus becomes a great fun. Lena is special and everyone can immediately recognize at first glance. But there's more, what should be taken in the fir Lena and therefore the purchase does not become a fiasco, it should also be always carefully.  

The packaging of the fir

Lena comes in a large box and is securely packaged therein. This pine is packed in two parts and a foot which has yet to be assembled. After unpacking and stuck together it quickly becomes clear that this fir is very specific in nature and also packed great. It is really everything and it is a great pleasure to adorn this fir the first time. The fir everything is great and so is also the living room to be ideal.  

The fir se

The fir Lena stands securely on a plastic stand. But that's not all. In the middle of the fir tree from a straight and ordinary steel pipe is maintained. There must always be deployed neatly everything to make the fir really can go safely. This fir has a total height of 180 cm and is already enormous. Enough space so the gifts to pack less. This course has Fir artificial leaves or needles. It will always be important, of course, finds it no difference. A Christmas tree as the Lena is great and completely authentic. That is, this fir is decorated in the color green. The fir is naturally not delivered that it is ready for immediate use.They must first be moved by the new owner in the form. It can be oriented to an article Photo thereby of course.  

Incites the fir?

Here it can be said quite frankly: "No". The fir Lena not goads what will make decorating with children a lot of fun.This fir can do almost anything with it. It should nevertheless be paid to a proper look when decorating. This fir really has many advantages, which also appreciate very most buyers. Thanks to the fir Christmas feeling can really come up and everyone will be in full anticipation of the feast. The family can place their gifts under the fir tree, and then can be unpacked in common of course everything.  


Typical Christmas fir this is the best decorated. With a fir as the Lena, it is possible also to bring great lights it. It may happen, however, that heavy lights that bring branches to bend and can not look beautiful. It is best fir Lena to equip with a great novel and energy-saving LED light chain and the possibility to have of course everything will be perfect. The fir Lena may be a great highlight in a household and the whole family can decorate together. The fir is perfect and looks very good. It is really great and also makes much.  

Sleight in tree

So this tree really does what it promises, it is necessary to put the branches cope for a while. This can be very helpful to line up in a certain distance from the tree to fill the gaps and to find any. If the but done really carefully, then the tree can really look amazing. This tree is exactly deliver what he promises and an absolutely fair price.  

Annually ready

Every year, the tree can be brought out. It can be stowed away and is then quite safe in a small corner in the attic or in the basement repealed. This tree is great and will naturally lose quality even over time. But that is certainly not bad. This tree can be saved money for years, considering how expensive such a tree is actually always. It can replace a great and laborious fir and helps to avoid the disposal. With the purchase of a tree is much here saved and everything is always great. The living room has a perfect decoration and there are even different sizes available. This tree actually has only advantages. It can be easily and quickly set up and who do not like the foot which can twist a little gift wrap it.  


conclusion guyThis tree has been designed very elaborate and can actually compete with a real tree. The tree is great and should be in every year the living room decorated in the Christmas season. In order for the tree but will not be bored, can also be made by means of a changing decoration variety. This tree is really everything and decorating falls could not be easier. He not goads and also otherwise many advantages and is always good in your living room, such a tree is always great and makes a lot of joy. The tree alone is not yet sufficient. It always need the appropriate decoration.This Christmas the room is homey and everything will be good. It is not to be older necessary. Young people know such a tree very much appreciated. Who the tree no longer like after the holidays, it simply presents under the basement or in the attic and then he waits for his next assignment. This tree Lena is really convenient and makes very much fun. He is always filled with joy and anybody can now discover for themselves personally. If the tree can be a great party on the owner to come and that's what counts.

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