Original Hallerts Plastip Douglas fir artificial Christmas tree

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Review: Original Hallerts Plastip Douglas fir artificial Christmas tree

The Hallerts Plastip Douglas in video

Original Hallerts Plastip Douglas fir artificial Christmas tree

Every year before Christmas turns the question of what Christmas is purchased. Here, Germany split into lovers of artificial Christmas trees and those which never come such a fir into the house in life. Why is it still worthwhile to make about thoughts, even to buy an artificial Christmas tree, that we reveal in this report.  

The disadvantages of conventional Christmas trees

In mid-January, when the Christmas trees will be picked up, not a few people wonder how one's home looks.Countless needles lying around the location of the Christmas tree scattered, sticky resin of the tree trunk stuck on the tiles and the afternoon must therefore be spent to clean the apartment from the remains of the Christmas tree. In addition, every day of the Christmas tree requires fresh water, so that the needles can be get a grip and the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve does not look like a tree in winter. Also the transport of the Christmas tree from its location in the living collection point of waste collection is not nearly as uncomfortable and painful, because all the needles are so unpleasant on the skin. All of these issues can be prevented with an artificial Christmas tree.  

The advantages of artificial Christmas trees

Anyone who thinks that an artificial Christmas tree will be identified by the guests alike, as such, is wrong. Using a special injection molding process (PE) the trees see the real confusingly similar and differences are maximum for those recognizable that are opened. Who other hand does not know that the presented here Christmas is not genuine, the notice no difference. Anyone who thinks that there is no choice here, which is again on the wrong track. Manufacturers of artificial Christmas trees ready fro the Christmas trees of various sizes and types, so that everyone can find the perfect artificial Christmas tree for themselves. These are modeled Nordmann fir, pine and spruce and included a Christmas tree stand delivered to you. Also, different colors such as pink, white, orange, silver or red are available with some manufacturers and therefore make the Christmas tree to an individual experience for the whole family.  

Also fully decorated Christmas trees are available

As special highlight offer some manufacturers of artificial Christmas trees, this completely to adorn themselves. It includes the offer of the manufacturer of the attachment of individual LED or fairy lights as well as fully decorated trees. This saves time and nerves, because quite a few couples have already received when decorating the fir tree in the wool and so the harmonious Christmas decorating often ended in a big row. In addition, the artificial Christmas tree is ideal for allergy sufferers because the pines are made of plastic and metal and are very well tolerated. Also much safer these trees. It is more common than you think, that gravity is stronger than a tree, and so many people wake up in the night by a loud noise because the tree has fallen. This can with an artificial Christmas tree does not happen, because it is safe and practical. The LCA speaks for an artificial Christmas tree. This namely survived more than just a Christmas, as is the case with a conventional Christmas tree. This affects, ultimately, on the financial situation of, because if a Christmas tree can be saved and the artificial more than just a season can be erected, is this reflected positively also in the family budget down. Due to the long life of an artificial Christmas fir is not continued thrown, but stored and retrieved again in drauffolgenden Christmas. And this money can then indeed be invested in a Christmas gift or a nice dinner in the next vacation.  

The artificial Christmas tree stock Hallerts Plastip Douglas

Such artificial Christmas tree, we would like to present now, is the original Hallerts Plastip Douglas from the house Hallerts. This convinced by using only TÜV-tested materials and a low flammability art fir. He has a size of 120 cm and a lower diameter of 79cm below is so wide and runs upwards tightly together. The tree is produced by the PE method, and consists of plastic needles in dark green. Overall, the tree consists of 453 branches, they are in about twelve cm long and four centimeters thick. Each branch is characterized brown at middle load and so raises the naturalness of the tree out even better. The branches run it to the branch end slightly pointed together and so give a tight impression with no bald spots. You feel thanks to the used materials like real firs. Also, you can at any time, not only during the Christmas season, to be purchased as a permanent freshness is guaranteed and you can lose no needles. Also no bugs is brought into the home of their own that sometimes settles in true firs during the growth process.  


conclusion guyArtificial Christmas trees have a closer look benefits that are certainly not expected. You spare all drawbacks of traditional Christmas trees as the strong needles, resin and short life (namely only one Christmas season). But they see real Christmas trees confusingly similar and are also from the Middle indistinguishable from these. The gentle use of materials is good for people with allergies and to find the production of different sizes for each of the perfect. The artificial Christmas tree stock Hallerts Plastip Douglas convinced by the use of only TÜV certified materials and the low flammability of the tree. The high security of the fir and the real feel when touching the branches are arguments for the purchase of fir. And finally increases the durability and the own ecological balance and protecting your wallet.

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