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Review: SPRUCE NATURE artificial Christmas tree

Soon the Christmas is just around the corner and for allergy sufferers, it is a pain again if the tree be sluggish and the allergy presents himself to a self or with visitors during the Christmas holidays. The artificial Christmas tree this can not happen. The tree, which is modeled on a spruce in its natural state, consists of 2180 points, which makes him look very closely and with a size of 180 cm, it is in every living room an eye-catcher. With included is a foot which provides an optimal hold the Christmas tree. The tree offers its expansive and stage look. Beautiful can not be a natural tree. The uniformity of the branches promises a fascinating Schm├╝ckergebnis and you can let his imagination run wild.  

The quality characteristics

The artificial Christmas trees have the most benefits and are very popular alternatives. They resemble the originals visually very strong. They are manufactured from high quality artificial spruce injection molding process, the trees owe their naturalness. Intricately carved fir trees from the heavy duty polyethylene PE are produced by a mold. The special impressions are assembled by hand in many individual steps to a beautiful Christmas tree. These Christmas trees are not mass produced, but are produced in an elaborate effort by hand. This is a quality that you can see and brings joy for many years.  

No needles and always a fresh look

The problem with real trees is that the apartments and houses are always very well heated. The real trees necktie despite water and glycerol very rapidly and also the resin of trees can have very annoying consequences when the resin spreads on the floor and the furniture or the carpet. The cleaning can also prove to be quite cumbersome. The artificial Christmas tree can also easily available at any place in the room, you've got to think without that due to cleaning, because the artificial Christmas tree is always clean and erststrahlt in its magnificent splendor. Even many days after the Feast of the tree still looks enchanting. On this tree has a long his joy and especially if you would want to decorate the tree a few days before the actual Christmas, does not have as expected with a real tree with falling needles you. So one has to every Christmas party much earlier his joy in the Christmas tree.  

Simple operation

The tree is made in a folding system. Depending on the size of the tree which it is made of 1-3 means parts that need to be slotted together. If the tree has been put together, the branches are only laterally apart to fold. The branches will click into place when they have reached the correct position and to stand up to collapse even in this position. This makes it possible that the tree is quickly and easily dismantle again and can be packed to save space. The necessary Tannenbaum stand is included and guarantees a perfect hold. Depending on the size of the tree, and the respective foot is adapted to the tree so that tilting becomes impossible. The fir trees are available in sizes 35 cm Mini, 120 cm, 180 cm and up to 250 cm available and also in different colors such as green, white and natural. The trees in the large sizes have up to 2850 points.  


- Extra long and extremely dense needles - Hand Crafted - The trees up to 2850 peaks - own a very bulky fir dress - beam optimum naturalness because no glitter sprays, artificial snow or is dispensed foam. - Flame retardant by high-quality polyethylene - No need plug-in system - Delivered in an optimum always reusable box - available on request in different colors and sizes  

A positive ecological balance

When considering the ecological side and the Christmas tree is not from a domestic cultivation, it is to the ecological balance not ordered as well. The trees usually grow for several years under the influence of pesticides and insecticides in a monoculture zoom. They are mostly imported from Eastern Europe or even Scandinavia. An artificial Christmas tree is better than a real immense benefits. It is environmentally friendly because it is at least 8 years if not used any longer. He has a one-time price and not caused every year a cash dispenser, which is more expensive from year to year. A real tree is freshly cut, has an optimum stature and has a certain size can, no less than between 35 and 60 euros cost. That's in 10 years between 350 and 600 euros. A nice artificial Christmas tree costs a price and a further 9 years free. They are also cheaper to maintain. They do not consume water, are easier to set up. They also consist of a fire-retardant material. A Christmas tree, which not only helps in saving, but also in all other areas has its advantages.  

A boon for allergy sufferers

It is undeniable that the real fir trees secrete essential oils. This may for some be very pleasant and provide the typical Christmas scent, but others can it be allergic. But still much more intense the pesticides and insecticides. These are amplified observed in the low-fir trees in the supermarket or hardware store. Another problem may be the molds from which the trees may be infested. This clearly shows that in this area an artificial Christmas tree clearly has the advantage on his side.  


conclusion guyThe natural-looking spruce has everything you want from a beautiful Christmas tree. Apart from the reasons already mentioned the tree using the needles and branches is very faithfully simulate and to distinguish it from a real tree barely. The color is very natural. The tree can be aligned in an optimal manner, which is due to the flexible twigs and branches. If the spruce is once constructed and decorated, the tree from a real can hardly differ. The customer reviews confirm this impression. Also, the price-performance ratio is very impressive, that leaves nothing to be desired and only slightly different than the cost of a real tree. The spruce is every Christmas again function adequately and is a clear recommendation to buy.

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