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Review: DekoLand Nordmann fir artificial Christmas tree

Christmas is the celebration of love, which follows in our land a rigorous but wonderful tradition. It may nowhere the tree missing in the living room. This is since ancient times already for the life and vitality that radiates also our beloved Christmas. Who wants to spend around the tree and enjoy, should look at the Deko country Nordmanntanne another careful.  

Tree is not the same tree

Sure, there are several different types of trees, all of which in the world of Christmas have their place. However, the Nordmann Tann is still the most beautiful piece of nature, which you can get at Christmas time in the house.Because the trees are inspired not only by their shape and color to the childhood memories, they also usually exude an inimitable majestic atmosphere in Christmas bustle.  

Are natural trees a good idea for Christmas

Every year, hundreds of people in Germany the same problem. You have to find a Christmas tree that satisfies their own requirements and also looks good. This should then not be so expensive and indeed needs to move from the point of sale in your living room. Unfortunately, conventional trees not how our decorative fir Nordmann fir, dismantled into several parts, but the natural trees have somehow in one piece first car to be brought and are transported from there in the living room. But not enough. When the party is over, then the tree remains so usually are a few more days. This means that you have to clean the area around the Christmas tree every day. . Because the trees regularly lose their needles, these are mostly found even days later in all possible areas of the house has to complete the cleansing and the hard, still remains the most important and anstregendste point: The tree has also disposed of after the feast will. This in turn provides a large amount of work. Not only the transport is expensive, usually the entire way to the door is provided by bringing out with needles.  

Why should I resort to this tree?

If you look at all the points which have been mentioned it is clear that there are optimal solutions, as the annual Christmas tree sale at the booth. Who engages for decoration fir fir Norman, who gets his wish tree for a reasonable price delivered straight to your home. This can be disassembled into three parts and can thus also be optimally stored after the festival. The annual smuggling, which is so troublesome in conventional trees, is completely eliminated by this solution. But that's not all: Access to our featured here product, so you can have be to be sure the optimal tree on Christmas holiday in your midst. Gone are the days of ugly and stunted trees, which have been purchased out of necessity. Often you get, if you want to stock up on grown in nature trees, no tree in the desired size or in the requested Wuchsart. Is it one year later once off so it may happen that there are absolutely no more beautiful Christmas tree.One must with holey or too large, with too small trees, manage the worst case. With an artificial tree like this, you are completely on the safe side. He always looks nice and has always the same size. The stress to look for a suitable tree, is completely eliminated. Once purchased, the tree if necessary remaining on his deposit up to Christmas Eve, for he is jerk twitch is constructed.  

What is this tree?

The tree has an impressive and attractive size. With 1.80 m the tree is located in the ideal Christmas tree size. He looks handsome, but can also be given a place in smaller spaces. The presentation is so beautiful that you can be sure that the tree was good acts in every living room. The branches are between 18 and 22 cm long and achieve through their thoughtful arrangement a harmonious and balanced overall picture. The coloration of the Nordmann fir is perfect and natural. If the tree is once decorated, so you can be sure that it is likely to untrained observers difficult to identify this tree as an artificial fir. The color is not uniform, but as would be the case with natural Christmas trees, crisscrossed with small shades and thus leads to a natural result.  

What about the risk of fire and as simple as the setup?

Our tree is very low flammability, unlike the conventional trees that can easily catch fire when used with real candles. The needles of our decorative fir Nordmann fir are of flame-retardant material and can be decorated thus also at Christmas with real candles or a string of lights. The design succeeds very simple, you put the parts delivered together easily and has after a few minutes and without a lot of lugging a great, appealing result. Included with the Nordmann fir with a red heart is even included.This makes great as a decoration on a Christmas tree and can then be supplemented by the own decoration materials.  

Where can the Nordmann fir are used?

The fir can not only be installed indoors. Thanks to the good processing and weathering resistance, one can use this model also easily outdoors. So you can use the pine not only in parking lots or in front yards, but set it up wherever a stately Christmas decoration is really necessary.


conclusion guyIn summary one can say that there are many good reasons for the use of artificial trees prefer buying a genuine Nordmann fir. Not only the handling is easier and maintenance is less expensive, one can also assume that the investment has paid for itself in a few years. The fir is to be used by their processing inside and outside, so it is worth to this model to grab. The structure is also so easy and simple that it will not be a problem even for non-technical staff this Fir build year after year with joy. Overall, the tree has such a good relationship between price and performance, it would be pointless to ever return a normal tree to buy.

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