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Review: PREMIUM injection Artificial Christmas tree

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The Christmas tree "Nordmann Fir", 1.80 meters high from renowned manufacturers Alnwick Hallerts indistinguishable when set up by an indigenous tree. 1153 branches, bent upward, long needles and a diameter of 142 centimeters at the bottom give the appearance of a wonderfully grown Christmas tree. The folding mechanism at the connection between the trunk and branches enables exact setting of the approach angle of the branches. The bottom to the tip uniformly shorter branches form a wonderful fir form. The highly specialized injection molding technology manufacturer enables deceptively similar shape of the plastic Christmas tree to a naturally grown tree. Even the color of the trunk and branches is very similar to the natural form. Buyers of the Christmas Tree "Nordmann fir" given to products in premium quality on Amazon in the customer rating of five out of five. Particular emphasis was detailed replica, the sweeping and stage design, the easy handling of the plastic tree and the environmentally friendly aspect of using an artificial tree.  

Sophisticated production method by injection molding technology

In the production methods of artificial Christmas trees, the injection molding technology has been found to be most suitable. Liquid and heated plastic is forced into a complex design shape using pressure. When cool the plastic solidifies and remains in the prescribed form. This method enables the detailed, subtle and natural-like look of the Christmas Tree "Nordmann fir" plastic. The dark green of the needles, the color of the trunk and branches and the detailed appearance of the tree make it a natural Nordmanntanne to confusingly similar. Several buyers represented in their reviews that visitors to artificial Christmas tree "Nordmann Fir" when set up and decorated state of a naturally grown tree could not distinguish. The new production of injection molding technology enable detailed replica. Other methods that have been applied previously had, the artificial nature of plastic Christmas trees more stressed than hiding it.  

Practical benefits to purchasing and construction

The holiday season brings not just the anticipation also some stress and work effort. Gifts, Christmas food and Christmas require a lot of time for shopping and transport. A six-foot-high Christmas tree will be picked and transported home. The artificial Christmas tree "Nordmann" has to be purchased only once and saves the stress of shopping for many years. The setting up and decorating takes as the naturally grown fir some time. But often required rework because of uneven growth or slate position in the tree holder is omitted. the arduous transportation and disposal shall be void.After Christmas the tree is packaged and stored until next year. No problem with the needles, no water to pour the tree or prevent fire, especially but not disagreements on the selection of the tree. The injection Christmas "Nordmann fir" Plastic is wonderful evenly and is ideal for decorating.  

No more fire hazard

The damage caused by Christmas tree fires go every year at Christmas time in the millions. Also in compliance with the precautions for fire protection (water bucket near, no candles) can enter fire damage. A natural Christmas tree loses after a few days in the living room its moisture. Even Christmas trees in pots are in the living room dry faster than outdoors. A spark, a lighted match or overheating of the electric lamps in the tree can be enough to put a Christmas tree on fire. In addition to the moral damage of the tainted feast occur sometimes considerable material fire damage or even personal injury. A plastic Christmas tree is not flammable. It consists of non-combustible or flame-retardant material.The plastic Christmas tree "Nordmann fir" and the Christmas tree stand made of metal are TÜV approved. They are free of hazardous substances.  

Convenient ordering and home delivery

Instead of complex preparations choose the Christmas tree at the next dealer and transport home, order the plastic Christmas tree "Alnwick Nordmanntanne" of Hallerts simply place at the computer from home. From the various sizes between 30 centimeters and four meters you are searching for appropriate size for yourself and enter your order. Within a few days you will receive your delivery. The often ordered is size of 1.80 meters comes in handy and robust delivery package with a weight of 15 kilograms and a size of 95x30x32 centimeters. The packaging can be used until the next festival after festival also for storage of the Christmas tree. You only need to insert the stem together, put on the top, fold the branches on the folding mechanism outwards and bend it branches - that is your Christmas tree. The reaching to the root branches can also be decorated deep inside the Geästs. The branch wreaths are made in different lengths. This emphasizes the natural appearance and allows many jewelry options.  

Easy handling

No adhesive rosin, no dirt, no falling needles and no tipping of the tree due to uneven weight distribution. The handling of the "Alnwick Nordmann fir" is very easy. The structure does not require above-average technical skills.To prepare the building and decorating a Christmas tree no problems. Even buyers who earlier had reservations artificial Christmas trees according to their own information, appeared in guest reviews begeister about the excellent practical properties of "Alnwick Nordmann fir" and the easy handling.  


conclusion guyArtificial Christmas trees, which were produced in the elaborate molding technique are deceptively similar to a naturally grown Christmas tree.Tree trunk, branches, twigs and needles make a wonderful picture of a uniform and beautifully grown Christmas tree The "Alnwick Nordmann fir" with 1.80 meters size can be easily ordered from home and will be delivered within a few days. The environmentally friendly aspect, fire safety and easy handling make the "Alnwick Nordmanntanne" the ideal accessory for a peaceful Christmas.

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