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Review: RS Trade-quality artificial Christmas tree

In the Christmas of RS Trade is an artificial and effective model, which is made of PVC / Luvi. The Christmas tree has about 824 Second, the diameter is a maximum of 106 centimeters and the height is 180 centimeters. it can be set up in minutes and it is the metal stand supplied by its folding / umbrella system. The metal stand has dimensions of approximately 45 by 45 centimeters. Available is the tree only available in sizes 270, 240, 240, 195, 180, 150 and 120 centimeters. The manufacturing process of the branches is the most important quality. The trees are produced in the injection molding process and the real trees they look confusingly similar. These simple Luvi / PVC trees are simply made of thick plastic sheets. Mock-are the artificial trees the silver fir, the Douglas fir and Nordmann fir. The artificial Christmas tree is high quality and can be used for only tested materials which are suitable for children and people with allergies. Important in the household with children is that the Christmas trees are flame retardant. Even if children are playing with fire, there is no danger.  

The most important information on the Christmas tree

The artificial Christmas tree is a lifelike reproduction, which provides about 824 tips. It is very interesting that the metal stand is included. The trees are therefore very popular because it can be easily constructed every year. In addition, it can be stowed in a space-saving manner after Christmas very easily. The tree is available in different heights and it is flame retardant. Therefore, the construction works within minutes, because it is the popular folding / umbrella system. The artificial Christmas trees offer for allergy sufferers and children very much of, because there are no allergens excreted.Many of the natural fir trees secrete allergens and so, for example, terpene. More and more customers in this day and age for this reason for the artificial trees. The individual models such as the model of RS Trade are very reasonably priced and so the acquisition can pay for itself as from the second year after the acquisition. A considerable saving arises in the life span of about 15 years.  

What must be considered?

is important in the artificial Christmas trees, that there is no more needles. The natural Christmas trees can dry out very early and already at the first Christmas holiday some lose their needles. In an artificial Christmas tree is not the problem. Procurement of the tree there in the future no more stress. If the tree is purchased once, then this may also hold for about 15 years. This means for the buyer that they are not every year to look for a new tree and the car does not have to be cleaned for hours afterwards. The disposal of the Christmas tree so that naturally falls away and thus there is also less stress. The Christmases eventually go over time to end, and then there is the question of when, how, who and where a Christmas tree can be disposed of.


conclusion guyArtificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular and they can be purchased in various sizes. The construction works very simply and is even for untrained people no problem. Allergy and children are the tree love, which can be set up again every year. Although the initial purchase is to be calculated, but it there is no follow-up costs. The money for the purchase is relatively quickly indoors and also the model is flame retardant. The trees look quite real and yet there is no disturbing needles more on the floor or carpet.

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