Technical characteristics

Recommended age for adult cats (adult)
ingredients chicken + pheasant: chicken 50% (consisting of muscle meat, hearts, lungs and livers), drinking water 24.15%, pheasant 20% (consisting of heart, muscle meat and liver), rice Cress 2%, 3%, dandelion 0.5%, night
feed property round 70% meat content from heart & muscle meat and offal of food grade
packing box
weight 400 grams
without dyes available
without preservatives available
special developed in close cooperation with cats nutritionists and veterinariansGMO-free, without flavour enhancers, fillers and additives or bone meal


  • easy feeding
  • gently processed
  • in cooperation with nutritionists specifically for cats
  • many flavors
  • inexpensive


  • too big for Bush
in every second household finds a pet one shelter. Whether it is a dog, a fish, or a cat, is usually dependent on the size of the budget. An important condition should be always. The speech is the perfect catering and care of the pet. For the cat world feed from the market was therefore taken, where no wish remains unfulfilled. Set a good example how the Catz goes finefood cat food. This is because the food is made only from high quality raw materials. Furthermore, to ensure that unite all details to a feast. Also it doesn't matter finefood cat food at the Catz, whether the cat is a Persian Cat, a British longhair cat, or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Repository - quickly found

because there's the Catz finefood cat food in large cans, cat fanciers need not the complete rifle at a feeding. As a result, something remains. To keep the taste, the new rifle can be stored excellent in the fridge. The remaining cans of cat food will find a suitable place in the pantry. With the dimensions of the product that is no great feat. The mass be 23 x 15.4 x 11 centimeters. In addition, the six rifles include a weight of 2.8 kg. A weight, which easily holds each shelf. The best the rifles can be stacked perfectly vertically.

Handling - a piece of cake

to feed the cat, no precautions must be taken. That any rifle with a lug is provided, the consumer gets quickly and easily the rifle. The desired amount of cat food in a bowl type, liner lock, ready. So the cat have to wait only a few minutes on her favorite food.

Composition - a feat

the composition of the cat food could be better. This means that only ingredients found in the Catz finefood cat food, which fits in a flavorful, and on the other hand are perfect for the health of the cat. This means that it will be processed no additives or fillers. In addition, no traces of preservatives or dyes, and lock can be found. Of course, the cat food by Catz define food is sugar and gluten-free. Also, the cat must not deal with flavor enhancers and wheat residues. Quite the contrary. The main component of the cat food is meat. And because the cats are gourmet, there's the cat food also in countless flavors. This includes, for example, pheasant, wild, Buffalo, beef, or chicken. Of course, also cats who like to fish, come fully at their own expense. It can be selected between tuna, shrimp or sea algae. The fish is fish from a sustainable fishing. So that the cat odne IFS and buts all important nutrients to itself as these are mixed under the lining. These include calcium, sodium, phosphorus, proteins and vitamin B12, B6, or B2. All the ingredients are cooked gently to ensure that special kick of the cat food. Thus, all important ingredients are preserved. In addition we each raw material prior to processing a veterinary control subjected to d.


To the Catz finefood cat food can be pulled in only a conclusion. This is a buy recommendation. This is because the feed for each cat is suitable. In addition, the cat food is scientifically monitored, so can get any bad ingredients in the feed. The smell is unbeatable. Thus, the cat food has an excellent value for money.

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