Technical characteristics

Recommended age for adult cats (adult)
ingredients chicken + Duck: 34% beef (lung, heart, meat, kidneys, udder), 31% broth, 28% chicken (stomach, liver, neck), 6% duck hearts, calcium carbonate
feed property round 70% meat from fresh ingredients, such as heart, lungs, muscle meat and liver
packing box
weight 400 grams
without dyes available
without preservatives available
feature without soy, no genetically modified raw materials, no flavor enhancer


  • fresh meat
  • important vitamins and minerals
  • naturally and genuinely
  • without taste reinforcing
  • alone feed


  • for each cat is the same variety right
at the Animonda Carny cat food is important, that only pieces of meat are used, which are carefully selected and prepared fresh. Is here the cat food closer viewing, even whole pieces of meat are found. Certainly, this food can taste the cats. Animonda committed to highest quality and everything has been adapted to the nutritional needs of cats. Animonda Carny is rich in best meat, grain-free and humanely. Animonda respects to the gentle and fast preparation and the cat food consists 100% of selected fish and meat. It's a genuine and natural cat food and therefore, there is the typical meat taste appreciated by cats.

Buy the Animonda cat food

with Animonda everyone with mind and heart can feed. Animonda is a specialist of animal food and the focus is the well-being of the pets. Animonda uses only selected ingredients and it is waived on artificial flavoring and coloring, shape meat and soy. The cat food can be digested easily and the body absorbs this directly. Only the freshest ingredients are used and so the cat food is made. Carny is from pure meat to a high-quality complete feed and there's hearty and juicy bits.

What is to be observed at the Carny cat food?

The cat food is chicken and duck. The cat food belongs to the category of wet food and is very popular with cats. There are ready to serve eventually, juicy, hearty pieces of meat to the cat. The cats love the meat menu from adult chicken and duck and for adult cats, it is to a complete feed. The cats are real meat connoisseurs and with regard to the meat quality, they make no mistake. For this reason, Carny is prepared only with high-quality and selected meats. Everything is this fresh and very gentle. After it's hearty and juicy pieces of no other materials or additives are needed to taste amplification or optical improvement. There are no genetically modified raw materials, there is not the artificial preservatives, dyes and also no soy. In Carny there is the typical, genuine and natural meat taste appreciated. After fresh meat is used, the fibre structures can stay largely intact with the meat. When you open is directly recognized, that the meats used are declared fully open and it is therefore also really inside, what it says. When the cat food, there are minerals, meat and animal by-products. There are 84 percent of beef, 5 percent duck and also 9 percent chicken feed. There are 79 percent humidity, 1.4% crude ash, 0,5% crude fibre, 5% crude fat and 11.5 percent crude protein.


Carny has the flavour of meat, which the cats appreciate. The cat food is pure and natural. For the adult cat is a very good and proper nutrition. There are fleshy and only the freshest ingredients and the whole was complemented with important minerals and vitamins. The lining is meaty fresh, as it arrives very well with the cats. The cats are finally getting meat eaters and this does not change even when living together with people.

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