Technical characteristics


  • to use as a complete food
  • looks tasty
  • enough well
  • the sauce tasted very well

DIS advantages

  • the part of sugar when the owners came not very good on
Felix tidbits in sauce there different types, where the composition of the contents is almost identical. This is a delicate meal with tasty pieces of meat in a savory sauce. An example is beef and Turkey in Gravy, with beef and Turkey accounted for at least 4% per type of meat. In addition, still fish and fish by-products are included, as well as cereals, minerals, sugar, and vegetable by-products included. Everything needs a cat to the daily diet. The information to read, as this is related also to the age and most importantly, the weight of the cat is important. A can is enough for a whole day, and twice a day a half dose is recommended. As far as the manufacturer, but how to see the cats. Because these are small Leckermäulchen and eat not everything that comes into the pot. So, the owners of cats were allowed to test this once and then share their experiences. Because here, the Velvet paws have of course had the last word. It was important here of course, how well the cats have adopted the food and whether they like to eat it.

Only the sauce then the rest

because then all the cats were unanimous, as first the sauce came up once. Only when this was then completely gone, the rest came off. That was when all test cats so I won't ask himself left and like the tidbits in sauce were made Felix. Other varieties were tested, but only that with sauce. Since none of the dominions could resist and the owners were very pleased. Only it is in the feed of sugar, that was rather less well by the owners. No sugar need cats. Especially since here are very inaccurate, what some cat owners but very important would have been. But it tasted the cat and it was not this that had diabetes. Thus the lining was still 5 of 5 points, which is then rather rare for cat food. Because it is not easy to convince this gourmet. Here it is managed, what then I like cats. All in all a very good food for the cats enjoy this.


Cats love this food, at least the cats, who were allowed to test it. Then was cleaned of course also thoroughly itself, which is always a good sign. Thus, the manufacturers here have taken the taste nerve of cats, what has pleased the owner. Because it is not easy to irritate the delicate palates of cats, what succeeded here, however. All cat owners were very satisfied because it tasted the dogs. Thus, a clear purchase recommendation, and it was issued not only by the owners of. All in all is the selection available, because that is important. Cats even like another grade of meat, which is given for the manufacturer of Nestlé.

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