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Review: Moorland XL smokehouse in INOX look

Smoking ovens are also still used. You are not merely a relic of the Middle Ages. Because people still put emphasis on durable and good tasting food. Particularly fish and meat are often smoked with such a device. But cheese, eggs and vegetables are. The company Moorland has brought with her XL smokehouse a model on the market, whichoffers plenty of space. Which characteristics has it? What do consumers about this product? 

Making material and dimensions

The XL Smoker consists of gray metal. This has a thickness of 0.8 millimeters. The parts are riveted together. In a simple and less effective spot welding the company Moorland waived. Also on hygiene one thought: The floors are galvanized to give a clean dirty components can be easily realized. Even thus preventing the formation of rust. The entire product has a net weight of 13 kilograms. This produces a stable grip is given. The smoker can even be set up outdoors. Winds will affect it little. In the height of the construction is 80 centimeters tall; the footprint is 39 times 27.5 centimeters.  

Thus one finds at the right temperature

Theoretically both cold Warmräuchern with the device is possible. First method requires temperatures of 15 to 25 degrees; otherwise the heat required goes regularly out many times over. Users retain control in the preparation of a thermostat. This ranges from 0 to 120 degrees. It is mounted in a central position on the outside of the door.Markers for animal meats are on the display. At the bottom there is a Glutkasten. It can be pulled out easily via a handle. It fit the appropriate fuel, ie wood, chips and other things into it. The smoke goes from alone in the chamber with the smoking food and can thus contribute to the preservation and processing.  

Features in the smokehouse

The interioroffers three floors. A grate is located underneath. Blank at the other levels with hooks hanging food.Sorry, no fish baskets are available, as is criticized by some users. Below is a drip pan which collects liquids discharged by smoking. In the context of drying the liquid content of the food drops regularly by 10 to 40 percent. At the same time, check that pollution. The outer door can be closed easily. For this purpose on the side of a locking mechanism is attached. The door has an over the wall reaching framework, so that no smoke out penetrates to the sides.  

Who is the XL Smoker Moorland directed?

The smoker can also be used at home both in the restaurant scene as. Because in both cases perishable foods can be used, not least taking into account the consumer behavior. Moreover, let the color, improve the smell and the taste with the XL smokehouse. For the product the way a floor space outdoors is necessary. Otherwise, the smoke rises when opening the door to the apartment. The device should be found to protect against rain and weather under a roof space.


conclusion guy Smoking makes food not only more durable. It ennobled even. Because they get a unique and unmistakable taste as desired. The XL Smoker Moorland aimed at exactly this fact. It is suitable for home use as well as for the restaurant scene. He should be placed outdoors under a roof.Consumers know of the many advantages to report. They praise excellent processing of metal and a lot of space in the interior, which extends over three levels. Also clearly visible thermometer on the outside of the door and theprice convince. Here are no fish baskets for delivery, it is criticized as from time to time.

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