Vf-fishing Electric Smoker with Window

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Review: Vf-fishing Electric Smoker with Window

It is an electric smoker with heating coil. The Smoking and Curing brings everything so that you can start directly with the already smoking. In theprice includes the heating element and also all theaccessories. It then is the one or the other party in the garden cozy nothing in the way, where burning incense in the smokehouse vegetables, ham or fish. With the help of this device by Vf-fishing, it is possible that ten fish or even up to twelve kilograms of meat are smoked. This electric smoker is also suitable for all common Räucherarten, as well as for horizontal and vertical incense. Thanks to the glass, it is always possible that the cooking process is well observed. For all of this oven is perfect, which want to occasionally smoked something.

The important accessories

Everything is in the smokehouse with this and so, for example, the smoking meal, fish baskets for horizontal smoking and hooks for vertical incense. Incidentally, the smoker is electrically operated. Optimally, the appropriate temperature can be adjusted and this on the heating coil, which is infinitely variable. Moreover, the temperature can also be controlled via the thermometer. Also on board is also the drip pan for grease and there is also the pan for smoking meal with them. Whoever even want smoking classic with wood, which can easily take out the heating element in the Vf-fishing Electric Smoker with window and then replace the supplied Glutkasten. Of course, when the smoker, it is also possible that a cold smoking. However, if you only want cold smoking, which may be a higher model are recommended, which is at least one meter high.  

The material

The electric smoker and also the accessories are made of stainless steel sheet. Everything seemed very robust in the model. All baskets, hooks, shelves and trays of the smokehouse are dishwasher safe, and hence the ease of cleaning is nothing in the way. Only the spot welds convince not completely, because in some places they were attached somewhat inaccurate. Some customers have reported here that the bodies begin after a short time to rust.Contrary to many assertions, the stainless steel is not stainless. There is this only the corrosion process significantly slower rate as the other metals. In some places, the processing of the smokehouse shortcomings.according to some buyers If the door can some smoke emerge. Some owners have here the leaks sealed with silicone and this proved to be quite practical.  

Important information about the smokehouse

There is a complete set and the smokehouse is made of stainless steel. Thefurnace provides a thermometer, the electric heater and aglass pane. It represents a Multi Smoker, which provides an electrically controllable heating element that was equipped with a power of 2 KW. The thermometer is included and made of stainless steel. The thermometer gives full control at any temperature. In the Multifunktionsräucherofen sausages, meat and fish can be excellent smoked. The furnace itself has two front doors and it consists of highly polished stainless steel. In the upper large hinged door there is the glass for control. The dimensions of the smokehouse be the way 80 times 40 times 27 centimeters. To the scope of supply includes the Multi Smoker, the adjustable heating element thermometer made of stainless steel, the drip tray, the Glutkasten, 500 grams of wood flour, the Räuchermehlwanne, two fish basket, the flat grate and six Kastenräucherhaken.


conclusion guy Especially good is the Smoking and Curing for beginners, because it brings it all with so directly in smokehouse meat, fish or anything else can be smoked. The smokehouse is electrically operated. Already included is the heating element and thus the temperature can easily be controlled. Each is completely well equipped with the device, if he wants only smoke occasionally. Made of stainless steel sheet of the smokehouse was made and compared to other materials it is more resistant to corrosion. The material, however, is far from rustproof. There are some leaks, because the processing is not working properly. As of failure thereby proving particularly transition from stainless steel andglass. Who shall not much emphasis on theglass door, which can consider a version without glass door. Through the glass pane can often by the many smoke anyway little observed and this is indeed sense of incense.

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