Angelberger XXL Smoker galvanized

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Review: Angel Berger XXL Smoker galvanized

Only when a good smoker isavailable, which can also be what with delicious meat that has been smoked. This Angelberger XXL Smoker galvanized is stable and secure. It can be set up directly after delivery and can be used immediately. The oven is perfect and will be suitable for fish and ham. But also very tasty sausages or game and poultry can be smoked in the oven. The oven is practical and can now even smoked cheese and make it even more delicious. The furnace is so constructed that it can only succeed with the smoking of great treats. It is always a great pleasure to bring the furnace going and then to enjoy it the best treats. Only thanks to thisfurnace, it may also be better. All this is now smoked themselves and can even be used by a layperson.

The delivery

Unfortunately, the instructions here do not easily understood by many a buyer. Thefurnace is nevertheless great and will pay off well soon. He stands firmly on his feet and can be set up in no time, when it has been delivered.The oven is great and always makes a lot of sense. He is perfect and can also be properly used easily. It can be found next to a lot of storage space and many other things, what makes the purchase perfectly. The Angel Berger XXL Smoker galvanized is also galvanized durable and completely. This property is great because that food can be cooked to perfection and are also harmless. Only if everything is right and good, the user can herewith also all very good cook and to prepare perfectly.  

It's that easy!

First, the user has to decide what he wants to burn incense. can be smoked everything that is raw. So a piece of chicken could be smoked in this oven as well as many other foods. The oven is great and also makes a lot of sense. It can be well fired and is always good to arrange for it also charcoal or even barbecue briquettes. The Angel Berger XXL smokehouse is galvanized great and makes a lot safer. Even with gas, thisfurnace be fired. All this is great possible and will do even better. The smokehouse is here rather a smoke cabinet is very good. It can at all levels even more fish can be prepared at the same time and that too really fast. The front door is large and is also the smoking still improve. All in all, can be transported easily correct the oven after delivery. It can be worn loosely, because it weighs just 14.4 kg. This oven is equipped with everything needed to lay off.  

This is

Next to the door here find 5 fish basket. It canstore up to 20 fish are smoked at once. The oven is also equipped with Räucherstangen. Of which there are a total of 4. These rods then perfect for vertical smoking. Then is also a large drip pan included and also a Räuchermehlwanne. The cabinet is great and makes much sense and it is a Glutkasten, which is then to be sure. Another delivery range, there are also 10 smoking hooks and a Räucherthermometer to the temperature inside to determine. So that it can quickly go off is also a small starter included Set of Wood Fuel and Brine. The user can begin so immediately.


conclusion guy This stove is great and is also stable. It can be used easily and can only be practical and safe. The oven is perfect and will do it well. Thus, the meat and the fish in it can be perfect, of course, some knowledge is required. But this can also be appropriated quickly itself. The oven is great and it will remain so. So that the user can only be well equipped and it will be much better to use the oven. The Angel Berger XXL smokehouse is galvanized very easily and can also change quickly. The oven is great and will please everyone.

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