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Review: Landmann 12058 Tischgrill


What you should know about the compatriot 12058 Tischgrill

The compatriot Gas Grill is characterized by a very nice design and easy operation. The compact grill is suitable for any location, whether on the terrace or in the dining room. The grill is preparing the food to be grilled at very low smoke. Itoffers enough space, that up to 6 people can attend the barbecue. The cooking grates are made of enameled cast iron, so that the best grilling results can be achieved. In the cover, the temperature display is integrated, indicating a grill and cooking. Another advantage is the space-saving storage by easily detachable side tables. The stainless steel burners with its 3.5 kW is infinitely adjustable. A sheet metal drip pan provides a fat-free and healthy grilling. The price-performance ratio is very attractive in this comfort and quality. This BBQ is grilling every season a pleasure and ensures the most delicious dishes.

Shipping and Packaging

The grill is supplied by three days after theorder at the latest and it is packaged very well, so it can not be damaged during shipping. The short delivery time also allows for short-term order.


The grill is constructed easily and quickly and can immediately be used. If you want to pack away his space-saving, the two side tables can be removed quickly and easily. This also offers the possibility that you can take the grill with picnic or even on vacation. The grate made of cast iron is very easy to clean and ensures that meat can not burn.When turning on the grill, the grill is heated very quickly and reached the right temperature in minutes and spread very easily if you let the lid down. The continuous temperature setting ensures that the barbecued food can be grilled as needed. The items are all very easy to remove and clean. The surface is also very easy to clean, that it is smooth and not roughened unlike other manufacturers models. This table grill, which is suitable for many people, is the barbecue an experience. The small tables designated for the parking of sauces and cutlery but can be removed even when not in use, when the grill is available for example on the table.

Processing and quality

The countryman 12058 Table Grill offers a very good quality for the price and is very good in the processing. The removable parts are very stable and guarantee a pleasant experience. Only the thumb screws on the cover must be tightened again once. The Piezoanzünder is also easy to use and provides good grill flame. With this grill you can look forward for a long time about barbeques. The design is also very appealing. For the Value a purchase of this grill is absolutely worth considering. The countryman quality is known and can always compete with other manufacturers. The gas grill is made of powder-coated steel, which also ensures a long shelf life.


The farmer grill is equipped with a burner which has a power output of 3.4 kW. With this performance, the grill is in midfield and can prevail easily against its competitors. The grill can easily implement temperatures up to 300 ° C and thus provide a huge grill heat. With the piezoelectric ignition of the grill is also rapidly brought into motion. After a few minutes the grill pieces can be placed on the grill and also do not need a long time to be cooked. The wide grill offers plenty of that up to 6 people at the barbecue Participate. It is not to say, as the countryman Grill behaves at low temperatures for indirect grilling. Gas grills can be happy and bring quickly to high temperatures, but with the temperatures below 150 ° C, it can lead to problems and rule out indirect grilling. What, though at the Landmann Grill, is not accurate to say. The gas grill is operated with gas cylinders and with cartridges and thus can used anywhere. If you want to take the barbecue picnic, where nothing stands in the way, but you should be strong, because weighing 12 kg, he is not exactly a lightweight. The gas grill has a full size of 100 x 40 x 39 cm, making it everywhere to accept and is also used for non-use an appropriate place. Also included in the scope are a pressure reducer and a respective gas hose. The compatriot Gas Grill has become at with 1.5 points winner.


  • Easy operation
  • Can be easily disassembled for space-saving stowage
  • Has a large grill surface
  • Easy cleaning
  • Grease drip tray for healthy grilling
  • Quick heatable
  • Flammable through piezo ignition


  • The materials could be a little quality, but are pleasant and acceptable for theprice-performance ratio. The weight is also very high with 12 kg, which could make it difficult sometimes to transport something.


conclusion guyWith the gas grill 12058 of compatriot grilling is a pleasure. Due to the very low smoke formation of the grill can even be used indoors. With the grease pan is also provided for a healthy grilling because the fat does not burn, but can run. The processing of the grill is very good on the whole, even if the materials used are not as high as in the competing manufacturers. but this he is cheaper by more than half. However, As for the cooking results, the grill can always keep up with the other grills that class. Especially for social gatherings this grill is excellent and also housewife friendly through easy cleaning. This allows you to, can also arrange with the quality, which is excellent for theprice. A table-top grill, which can be an experience grilling at any time of year and allows Sommerfeeling even in winter. To operate the grill with gas Incorrect orcartridge, which go very well facilitated an insert. For the price and superb service you should not do without the farmer grill, if you're looking for cheap grill that meets their needs in each case and ensures pleasant preparations. This grill is always provided for a culinary evening with friends.

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