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Review: WMF 0415030011 Lono Tischgrill


What you should know about the WMF 0415030011 Lono Tischgrill

The WMF Lono Tischgrill consists Cromagan and from a non-stick cast aluminum plate. It has built-in heating elements and is also dishwasher safe. With the variably adjustable temperature setting, the food to be grilled can perfectly and cooked as desired. The LED lighting ensures that you can see the settings well. With 2000 watts fast but gentle cooking is guaranteed. The griddle is easy to clean and also provides a good grilling result. With the drip tray from Cromagan is provided for a clean and healthy grilling. So you can indulge in any season to barbecue delights and barbecues with friends and family. They come equipped with tongs with which the ingredients can be turned on the grill. A barbecue, which ensures convinces with its innovative features and a long shelf life. Operation is simple and the cooking time leaves no wish unfulfilled. The pieces of meat in no time at all, which is to award the high performance.

Shipping and Packaging

The delivery is fast and the packaging and act safely. So you have to wait long for the order and the grill can even order at short notice, if one expects during weekend and you do not know what to cook. In a prompt delivery, you can rely in any case. In general, the device is delivered within three days.

The operation

The griddle of WMF is easy to use. It just needs the plugs are inserted into the socket and it can wait until after a few minutes the table grill has reached the right temperature to go with the barbecue going. For the temperature setting is in charge, with the desired temperature can be preset. One drawback is that you can not switch on the controller the griddle, but must always pull the plug. This is a point of WMF could have been done better. Otherwise, the operation of WMF 0415030011 Lono griddle is very easy and straightforward. The drip tray is easy to remove and easy to clean. This is due to the very low maintenance Cromagan. The grill plate ensures optimum use and lets the meat quickly and evenly roasted. Cleaning is also very simple and fast, as they can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The quality and workmanship

WMF stands for excellent quality and is also reflected in the table BBQ. With this grill, which can be used repeatedly, a long life is guaranteed. The high-quality material and a corrosion resistance is guaranteed. The build quality is good, but the stainless steel parts of the griddle are somewhat sharp, what may be treated with caution.Otherwise, in the table BBQ everything is fine and the workmanship is very good. Nothing is loose, everything is perfect and the griddle is characterized by an optimal processing. Just as one would expect from the manufacturer WMF. The griddle is an extension to the previous Lono electrical appliances, which have also been received enthusiastically.


The barbecue is characterized by optimal size: width 53.5 cm, height 7.5 cm, depth 29.5 cm. Weight also ensures optimum maneuverability and is stable with your 4.67 kg and very stable. The table grill has room to hang meat for at least 4 people. In the color black and stainless steel provides the griddle very attractive. The grilling surface consists of Gusseiesen. The grill has a power output of 2000 watts. The griddle is non-stick coating, making it possible that nothing can burn and also the cleaning benefits. The WMF 0415030011 Lono table grill is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be used on the terrace as well as in the kitchen or the dining room.


  • Stable processing
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy handling
  • High quality material
  • best Fit
  • Variable temperature setting
  • wash
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Non-stick coating


  • The device can not be turned off, the plug must be pulled
  • There are sharp edges present on the stainless steel

A highlight in every kitchen

The manufacturer WMF has again provided with this grill is an electric device that is by its design and its applicability to a must-have in every kitchen. Already alone by the other Lono models, this table grill will find their way to the stylish kitchens. He is to be used for different barbecue grills. Besides meat and fish, all kinds of vegetables and seafood cook easily on this grill. The high-quality materials of this grill is equipped with a non-stick coating, so that nothing can burn. Also a plus, the WMF has earned. The cost of 70.00 Euros are justified because the griddle is characterized by a lot of benefits that you can with other devices that are missing or favorable also in this price range. Also very advantageous is the attractive design that makes it possible that you can set the table very well and this table grill adapts very well on a festive table. But grilling at any time of year is guaranteed with this grill, so you never have to do without the cozy atmosphere and the taste.


conclusion guyWhat distinguishes the barbecue is its very easy operation and also its ease of care. There is not a great use needed to clean this equipment.All removable parts are dishwashers suitable. The ease of use when grilling has earned a plus. Mind to a little lacking leaves, which is the possibility of eliminating the grill at the table. It is not a 0 controller is available and the device must always, once you want to take a break, be switched off at the socket. The located on the stainless steel sharp edges should not be. Otherwise, this device is characterized by the many benefits. A chic design is also to and most pleasing is the pleasant Value. What also stands out positively, are the many barbecue grills, which can be used and the large grill, which is sufficient for 4-5 people.With this unit, you always invite a reason his friends to eat and advantageously for every season. A device that you can not refuse, if one desires a little luxury. A table-top grill, which fulfills all wishes.

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