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Review: Peetz Smoker 630015

incense By Peetz 630015 smokehouse fish, meat and Wust in just a few hours, that simply here by a new technology. It is laterally additionally directed hot air through vents in the interior, which can be smoked either lying or hanging. is fueled the Peetz 630015 Smoker Angle with charcoal or briquettes can be used here. The dimensions of the smoking oven amounted height 85 cm, width 39 cm, depth 29 cm. Made was thefurnace in Germany and TÜV and GS certified. Made of high quality aluminized steel sheets, the door is locked well and absolutely tight.Basic equipment of Peetz 630015: - Thermometer - rust with six hooks - 2 fish baskets - Glutkasten - drip tray - 500 grams wood flour - A few heat protection gloves The smoker can be smoked both cold as well as hot. This is made possible by the new heating technology, which then always delicious Smoked ready quickly. Here also the optimal use of energy is a significant advantage that simultaneously smokes up to 20 fish. These are the details of the manufacturer, the lot of promise. But this vote so, or are there still differences. Just once have ordinary consumers, therefore tested the customer. Your judgment can then nevertheless be very helpful in deciding topurchase.  

Ease of use with great results

This was the unanimous opinion of the testers, some still need a little practice. However, that had nothing directly to do with the Peetz 630015 smokehouse. Here, the large range has been praised, which then also the first Räucherversuche could be started at the same. A tester is popular with every smoking then even about visiting the neighbors. Because of course this is smoking, which is also his task indeed. On this point, all testers were then agreed and awarded here the full marks. WhenPrice then opinions were nonetheless somewhat apart, with one or the other tester was a little disappointed. This, however, had to do with the poor processing of the supplied grid.Unfortunately, this started to rapidly rusting, but then what led to some resentment. Moreover, it was still criticized, this is the Peetz purify 630015 smokehouse in some places badly. All in all, could the Peetz 630015 smokehouse, then still 4.7 reach of 5 points. Thus, the majority of customers forgave but then a clearbuy recommendation, because here but Peetz 630015 Smoker rendered its full power.  

Wide range of accessories very to advantage

Here all the customers were then united, because if the Peetz 630015 smokehouse is supplied, may be equal to already be losgelegt with smoking. However, the user has then but can not answer all questions, which led to some experiments with a good result. Otherwise, all testers would the Peetz always buy 630015 smokehouse again because theprice was still praised. Of course, the meat should be placed beforehand in hot, but not boiling water.So the Peetz no longer needs 630015 Smoker long. Thus, it should be here, then held it to the user manual.Otherwise, all testers came directly to us very well with the Peetz cope 630015 Smoker, no matter to which meat or fish, it also acted. A product that is really, very well made up on small errors. Also theprice all customers were then agree a quality product that is not even expensive. Here then also the result was decisive, as can smoke the Peetz 630015 Smoker outstanding. A really good product that has yet passed the test excellently.


conclusion guy On one point all customers agreed the price and performance ratio is right here absolutely. Although a customer found the Peetz 630015 smokehouse a little too small, but that was only the case with a tester. All other felt the size just right, the wide range ofaccessories but earned the most points. In result, all testers were then united, because that was just outstanding. Even if there were one or the other point of criticism, so all customers wouldbuy the Peetz 630015 smokehouse at any time.Thus, here are pronounced a clear buy recommendation, but then what speaks 630015 smokehouse for the high quality of Peetz.

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