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Review: MOVIT dumbbell

What you should know about MOVIT dumbbell

The dumbbell set MOVIT convinced directly with his Mantle of black plastic. This gives this set also has a very classy and professional look. Matt Black just looks very professionally made and the effect that is achieved means avoid these dumbbellsinjuries. This plastic protective layer also ensures protection of the soil. Here the product is offered via the delight professionals and beginners alike at strength training. The result on the plastic casing and the effect that there is a reduced level of noise during training. The disks can not clink together.

Movit a brand that convinces with details

How safe this Hanetlset really that's a good question, and here, the manufacturers have really made some thoughts. The core of iron is safely installed in a plastic pack and this protective sheath reaches many Eigenwsschaften not offer the conventional dumbbells. The edges are protected accordingly and also the weight bars are equipped so that they securely rest in the palm. In addition, this plastic provides hygiene, since the weld can be easily removed and the dumbbell can be disinfected. So you can use this set professional, but also to use at home for their own training.

The structure of the dumbbells

The set consists of precisely prepared and measured weight bars and weight plates. These disks are weighed in high quality and accordingly arises when mounting a completely balanced ratio of proportions. One can rely on the reliability of the manufacturer and you can weigh again because agree the manufacturer's specifications for weight.This reliability is also transferred to the remaining security. Non-slip the dumbbell in your hand, you smoke no extra gloves or about a cloth, which prevents perspiration transfer and generates a slip. This plastic coating is not only protection, but also feels very comfortable on. Black as a color choice is very well accepted and is neutral in their preference for professionalism. The discs are securely screwed with star screws on the respective rod.

Good looks and fun on the device

What's with this set all possible? Strength training is based on discipline and good equipment. If an athlete can rely on his equipment, he is well equipped and able to engage entirely on their training. This set an athlete is optimally equipped, because that is when varying much possible. Even the beginners can with little effort start his training and is not hampered by burrs or sharp edges. This quality you get for this lowprice only a brand manufacturer and here MOVIT provides a set that every detail is convincing.

The precision produces the good impression of the quality

The discs must fit securely on the barbell with a dumbbell. This has many implications, firstly, when you graduated movements in rapid succession, disturbs the clicking and clanking. This set here shows optimum precision because the holes in the discs fit absolutely perfectly to its barbell and so all the movements with swing and very safe can be completed. This makes safe and indicates the optimal processing in a highest level of quality.

What do you get delivered:

Everything you come for hismoney gets at a glance:
  • 2 piece Dumbbell Bars
  • nonslip fluted handles diamond pattern
  • 14.5 cm Grip
  • secure trapezoidal thread
  • self-locking fasteners Star
  • Dimensions L 45 cm thickness diameter Ø 25 m
  • Total weight per 1 kg barbell
  • Weight plate with soil-conserving formwork Plastic
  • 4 slices of a 0.75 kg: Ø 15.5 cm, 2.7 cm B
  • 4 slices of a 1.25 kg: Ø 17.0 cm, 3.0 cm B
  • 8 slices 2,50 kg: Ø 21,0 cm, B 4,0 cm
  • Inner diameter bore 2.65 cm
  • Color: Black
These are compelling values and dimensions and shows how beneficial this set for the customer. Easy to clean, easy and safe to use and a guarantee of fun on training- Just as newcomer you get a uniquely good equipment, which remains a very long time. The appearance is very compelling and safe especially with the plastic sheath. All components harmonize with one another and are perfectly matched. This results in the sum of an optimized price-performance ratio. A good set as original equipment and also the connoisseurs will appreciate this set. The weights are optimized to many meaningful exercises hold so that the muscles are built optimally.


conclusion guyConvincingly, first the plastic jacket, which also provides this safe Set the black appearance. This results in a very exclusive image and the dumbbells are easy to grip. One can therefore hardly sufferinjuries and even when put on the floor can not be ruined the lining. These are the first impressions that go directly in the eye at a conclusion. MOVIT as a manufacturer provides precision because all parts fit precisely to each other. The threads are self-locking and so the discs of weights do not move if you simply attracts the star screws by hand. So even a slight change is always possible, because the threaded section allows these screws despite the secure fit again easy to solve. This Is feels individually via the rod securely, because the plastic does not produce refrig, but the bar is warm and safe over the pattern with diamonds in each hand. MOVIT inexpensive and very reliable quality, because just once a dumbbell should fall, are the plastic has a certain degree of security that also relates to the point ofinjury. This product generates confidence and in every detail and every consideration angle. Leaving aside what delivery you get and the extent has this set, then you can say everything completely and you can immediately start training. This set is suitable for everyone and you just have to not necessarily deep into their pockets, if you need a safe and good set for strength training. Above all, the brand and the manufacturer creates a feeling of security, because the MOVIT brand is good equipment known and this set is one of the good category. This thus results in a very positive conclusion and this product is easy to recommend, all requirements of the objectives have been met and this product is balanced in all respects.

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