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Review: Gorilla Sports dumbbell


What you should know about Gorilla Sports dumbbell

The Gorilla Sports dumbbell set shows very professional and high quality. Strength training needs best equipment and this set offers both the novice and the professional amateur, the equipment to be disciplined and to train well.The weights are optimally dimensioned and offer this set in the assembly, the optimum proportion. The barbell is safe each in control and scored the producers have a diamond pattern in the steel. So you get to take the weight properly and this set is to create visually very professional. The weights are provided with a plastic coating, so you can put these heavy pieces safely without damaging the floor or shelf.

The use in the studio or in your own home

If At length a dumbbell then you want to use it everywhere. Even if one keeps a visit in the studio, then makes this set the necessary professional impression and you can train with its own weight. Even at home this set is sure because you have to can also leave without help and guidance on the safe training. The weights are secure and so the training is really anywhere with this set joy. Such a good set is an incentive to work and with the weights optimally chosen can as beginners with small weights begin his training.

Classic design in safe packing

Everyone will have ever seen dumbbells, so you can train his muscles on the upper arms and chest. But how could such a set really look. Here the gorilla sport barbell set you see this in a professional and well-designed set. The change of weights will operate safely and reliably, as can be about the precise thread with the thumb screws the weights securely fastened. The movements that security is important, because with one swing you do not want to experience guarantees when making such a weight on their own. The weight plates are made very robust, because they are made of unbreakable and flexible plastic with a heavy material core.

If you want to quickly form his torso new

This set is specially designed to ensure a coordinated training. The discs have different weight classes, which can grow combined. So it is possible to call individual specific parts of the body especially and accordingly hang more weights. This testifies to individualism and promoting professional training.

What exactly gets now in this set delivered:

Everything for the customer at a glance:
  • Total Weight 20 kg
  • Dumbbell with plastic coating on the windows
  • 4 piece weight plates, each 1.25 kg
  • 4 piece weight plates, each 2.5 kg
  • 2 dumbbell bars with a length of 35 cm
  • Receiving surface of the weight bars jeweilsl 10.0 cm
  • 4 star locks with self-Captive conical thread
  • very good quality
  • Weight bars made of stainless steel with fluted handle in diamond pattern
  • very easy
  • Protected against corrosion
All you get in this set into a lucrativeprice and at the same time will be professionally equipped to push for their own training.

Robust, durable and sustainable

Even at first glance when unpacking you get impressive track what you have bought really good. The weights are safe and fit with absolute precision to the respective rod. The securing of the weights is simple and easy, because the star screws with tapered thread safeguard themselves and the weight on the bar. This isimportant if one keeps fast and pulsating movements during the exercises so you can then start immediately after unpacking.

An excellent finish of the set

The good and safe processing is a criterion for a reliable decision when purchasing. These properties meet here at this product the brand manufacturer to easily. One finally does not want tobuy every day such a set and this set is even further to combine with other weights. Importantalso the handy and stable impression is to the set leaves, because you would like to complete the movements without driving and this set is suitable for any level of good training. Effective training is simple and purposeful possible, because here no slip designed weights and protective over the well processed plastic is really safe. A limit during training should be earned slowly and with a secure exchange of weights, this is simply and easy to deal with. One can easily vary and secure new weights with few turns of the customer. Also the hygienic care of this set is possible, because all surfaces are easy to clean and safe.A good set precisely for each of safe and good workout estimates.


conclusion guyThe conclusion for the Gorillas Sports dumbbell set is compelling because the train all theimportant requirements of a good set are met.The safe plastic Mantle of weights is a very important criterion, because that saves you the floor, the environment and themselves. The edges are round and there are no bumps prepare a problem. The weight bars are safe with a handle bed is roughened equipped. One has to keep enough distance available to safely grip and the barbell. This exercise can be carefree and accordingly hold permanently. That would be the professional and the amateur. This kit can also be revealed in his gym because the professional impression testifies to quality. It is an excellently crafted device with many possibilities for a balanced training of the muscles. This set of gorillas also convinced in itsprice-performance ratio, because here you get durable quality that never let you down. The safe thumb screws are very good and precise work, so that they keep up with their conical locking threaded the weights securely to the barbell. Overall, when considering all the criteria a very good overall picture that the customer enjoys a set also the price. Anyone seriously considering the strength training to begin, which should be noted this product exactly. Gorillas is a manufacturer and experienced manufacturer for good equipment at a very reasonableprice. Many attributes of safety are met here and testify to very good ideas. Particularly gentle Mantle of weights is important, because here you can do much damage, if his weight unbedarft stores once.

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