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Review: K-Grip dumbbells of Bad Company

What you should know about K-Grip dumbbells of Bad Company

With the K-Grip dumbbells manufacturers Bad Company has very produces high quality dumbbells. The total weight of this is twenty kilograms and this with twice ten kilograms. By weight, the weights are excellent for private use.They are manufactured K-Grip dumbbells from a compressed andspecial cement mixture. The whole was covered with plastic and so the dumbbells can convince in all areas. With ABS-Plates, the weight plates are fitted and thus the undesired rolling away is prevented. In the grips was taken from a good grip and in any case is so professional training ensured. Positive noticed is not only the high-quality processing, but also the excellentprice-performance ratio. With the K-Grip dumbbells no disadvantages could be recognized. Advantageously, the good price-performance ratio, the excellent suitability for the professional training and the non-slip handles. The dumbbells are ideal for use in apartments or houses. The set consists of Dumbbell Bars and weight plates. The total weight is therefore about 20 kg. The weight plates are immediately recognized, because they are marked with the Bad Company Logo and also an indication of the kilogram is found on the weight plates. The commercial washersoffer practical carrying handles and thus they are very good in the hand. The weight plates alone can be used without the weight bars as an alternative for dumbbell training. The weight plates are made of sturdy plastic casing. The compacted cement mixture was used here as a filler. While the weight plates have the eye-catching red and black, the weight bars are knurled and chromed. Guaranteed put the dumbbells so that is a real eye-catcher.

The most important data on the dumbbells

Included are two dumbbell bars with 35 centimeters plus there is the star locks with a 2.5 kg. Also included are with 4 K-Grip weight plates each 2.5 kilograms and 4 K-Grip trade disks each 1.25 kg. The total weight is 20 kilograms and the weight plate bore is 30/31 millimeters. The total length of dumbbells is 350 millimeters, the Griffinnenmaß is 130 millimeters, the handle diameter at 30 millimeters and the length of the plate seat is 100 millimeters. The dumbbell bars the maximum weight load is up to fifty kilograms. The weight plate with 1.25 kg have 180 millimeters in diameter and 32 mm thickness. The weight plates 2.5 kg have 220 millimeters in diameter and 44 mm thickness.With ABS-Plates, the weight plates have been fitted and this ABS-Plates rolling away the weight plates is prevented. This is veryimportant especially for the loading of weight bars.

The optimal weights for the home workout

The Dumbbell Set K-Grip from Bad Company consists of two dumbbell bars, four star closures and weight plates a total of 15 kilograms. The two dumbbell bars with 35 centimeters in length, there is a disc recording length of about ten centimeters at the ends of each dumbbell. Each of the short weight bars with up to fifty kilograms load. Once the handles are knurled, wherein training slipping of hands is prevented. Per bar the dumbbells have a weight of 2.5 kilograms. Including the weight plates are there per rod a total weight of 10 kilograms. are supplied 4 slices of a 1.25 kg and 4 slices of a 2.5 kg. The total weight of the weight plates is 15 kilograms.

The K-Grip dumbbells in Test

The plastic weights there is no smell. The closures and bars were clean chrome and rubber on the closure prevents loosening the unwanted. The weights are processed very decent and they have the colors red and black. The weight plates, the cement mixture is firm and so nothing trickles out and it rustles nothing. Flattening can be found at any weight, so that the rolling is prevented. On the weights, the cutouts are a very good idea and it may for example only be trained with weights and without pole for the triceps or the lateral raise. The size of the weights is absolutely sufficient for household use. The optics of dumbbells looks very good and no manufacturing defects are noticed. The weights are slightly larger, as well-known weight plates, because after all it is not to heavy metal. Very practical, this is because the weights do not strum. The dumbbells combine an ideal weight for beginners, a good quality and the plastic sheathed weights they are very quiet. In comparison to pure metal dumbbells there is thus no disturbing noises and the screws are tightened firmly enough, can also not solve anything. With the K-Grip dumbbells no need to train only on carpeting. Also wooden floor is fine, because the shell is made of plastic ensures that arise on the floor no scratches. The processing of dumbbells is absolutely good and there is no risk ofinjury, because no sharp edges are present on the weights.


conclusion guyIf you want a dumbbell, which is weight, variable and processed properly, who is with the K-Grip dumbbells of Bad Company at the right place. The set is available at a reasonableprice and so the buyer get a good processing without serious complaints and a good quality. The metal parts of the edges are neat cut and the plastic sheath is worked seamlessly. The dumbbells are slip-resistant and comfortable to hold and the disk size is perceived by many buyers as Ok. The brevity of the barbell is slightly disturbing when many disks are mounted simultaneously. The rolling is prevented by the ABS-Plates. The look is appealing and overall the dumbbells are functionally absolutely fine.

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