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Review: MOVIT chromium cast iron dumbbell

What you should know about the MOVIT chromium cast iron dumbbell

The dumbbell set MOVIT in a chrome-plated surface already evident at first glance to be very Nobel. So it's fun to train and build their own muscles with weights made of cast iron. The choice of material cast iron has its own meaning, because often use other manufacturers as cheap building materials as the basis of the weight. These materials, such as concrete, are to handle precisely as heavy as this cast iron, but also show the disadvantage that it does so, then these materials are very fragile. If once a dumbbell unfavorable to the floor, then such weights are to be endangered destroyed.

A convincing product with excellent qualities

MOVIT brand and manufacturer is here with loadable Cast against this danger and therefore provides a very robust and comfortable product that many good qualities bears in itself. First of all, the outline of what a customer can expect with this set. The prospective buyer and customer wants good workouts deter and gets to its many features.Weight training exercises should be practiced with devices thatoffer real security and reliability. MOVIT provides very robust barbells proof star fasteners that hold even during fast movements with dumbbells sure the weight plates on the respective barbell.

Security is an important factor during exercise

Safety training with dumbbells is animportant criterion that this set satisfies. Precision fit the weight plates isimportant because moving weights may form a high risk of injury. Here the set of MOVIT is paid close attention to the weight plates exactly comply with the dimensions in their disks hole and precise sitting on the pole. This is in millimeters, which fulfill these holes and are then securely backed up with the star screws on the barbell. This precision also applies to the threads that are cut on the barbell to the star screws to sichern.So will find a high standard for good security. The material used ensures also for sustainability, because cast iron as a base provides a guarantee, so it can be precisely manufactured. The weight plates are sized and accurately calibrated in weight.These properties thus meet all the standards that are set to a safe weight training exercise equipment. MOVIT thus provides convincing quality in all details.

Quality at first glance

The surface is very high-quality chrome, can be easily cleaned and provides an elegant appearance. Even when used on this dumbbell set once, then shine the discs and the rod with the screws. Importantis a good surface for the athletes, these surfaces can also simply and safely clean. When weight training produced welding and is transmitted to these surfaces. This set can be easy then easily cleaned with a cloth and the resulting long-lasting this brilliant surface. The edges of the setoffer with discs and rods no burrs and edges. It is a very professionally crafted set with knurled edges also minimize the risk of injury. In addition, it has created special beads and the grip surfaces roughened with a diamond pattern in order to get a secure grip on the dumbbell. All in all, very good details and valuable pieces, which together create a best price-performance ratio. These dumbbells are always maintained and also meet the requirements of athletes optimally. This kit may be used professionally and privately, of course, even the beginner has his joy, for this set will always be with him.

This one gets the MOVIT Dumbbell Set of cast iron with chrome finish:

  • 8 weight plates, each 2.5 kg / Ø 16,5 cm, D 2.3 cm
  • 4 weight plates, each 1.25 kg / Ø 13 cm, T 2 cm
  • 2 dumbbell bars for each 1.5 kg L 35.5 cm, Ø30 mm
  • 4 Star closures of 500 grams
  • Total Weight 30 kg
  • very precise workmanship
  • Material Cast iron
  • chrome-plated surface

Price and performance in a very balanced

What you get here for your money, you can see the set of MOVIT at first glance. The manufacturer provides a professional set with all theimportant properties of the optimal safety for the athletes. Thus one gets as a freshman at strength training, the unique good equipment that will accompany long one. These dumbbells are just great in optics and one can endlessly vary with the laying on of weights.

Elegant appearance for a good workout

This set is simply visually classy and everyone can see and feel how well everything blends together. Barbell bars and discs fit into each other perfectly and there is no sounding noise during training. So you really get a lot for yourmoney, safety, reliability and a high level of quality. Even if you do not train, you can get these objects in their own homes and to use the object-purpose, because that's a looker.


conclusion guyThe conclusion to this set shows how well the characteristics are, for even in the material the customer has valuable benefits. Especially the durability is animportant criterion when deciding on a dumbbell for training and here you have to get in deviation from the usual suppliers, the safety a set of cast iron in combination with iron. Nothing will corrode because chromium surface in this material thickness is indestructible.The customer wants to be sure that he gets exactly secure training equipment as inexperienced athletes that it hardly shows the risks of violation. This set is a product that already produced at first glance confidence and in detail, provides a high degree of durability. As described using other manufacturers in their weight plates building materials such as concrete or sand. This leads to long use in the destruction and then runs the risk that a dumbbell is simply no longer usable. This set has been refined at the surface of very high quality with chrome, is where no rust and is easy to clean from the body's sweat. Here you can get in MOVIT an absolutely professional set with safe thumb screws, secure grip barbell bars and all at a current and goodprice. The athlete can look forward and complete secure his units for training. This set is simply convincing, because all the properties that are one places on those dumbbells just met. So you just have to spend the money once and always has a set that certainly is available. MOVIT offers with its product a set that with precision and important details comes up that results in a conclusion that convinced.

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