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Test report: Hammer Ferrum TX2 Kraftstation

The Hammer Ferrum TX2 power station in the video

In a practical test, the HAMMER Ferrum TX2 power station was extensively tested for functionality and quality. This power station, thanks to its innovative superiority, makes it possible to achieve fast tarinings. This gave the test results and the practical application. Details of equipment such as the model with a cable pull or the Power Latissimus Bar allow the user a variety of exercise possibilities, which go beyond the usual measure of other comparable power stations. Particularly the high processing quality proved to be very pleasing in the test, because here the athlete can depend on the safety of the material in connection with precise function. One can describe this home-runner in its construction as very compact and thus this force station finds space saving in many rooms their home. Despite the many practice possibilities, in the test showed 45 variants, this Power Station is coherent in the construction method.

Best results with this power station in the test

This power station is a solid investment for your own workout. Here, the test shows how innovative the ideas for all common and well-known exercises have been implemented in the devices for muscle building, and the respective devices are reassembled in just a few simple steps. Again, the need for space you need at home for this power station. The dimensions were simply ideal 2m x 1.5m x 1.1m. To the exercises and the muscle groups that can be trained on this device, says the manufacturer. Here, it is easy to build the arm muscles, the back muscles, the shoulder musculature and the leg musculature quickly and purposefully. The test showed good values and the device has, as I said, a great variety of possibilities, which resulted from the options of the devices.  

Targets to be reached quickly with the power station Hammer Ferrum TX2

The goals are clearly defined, this involves the construction of wide muscles in the chest area of the men, a broad cross and muscular legs. These exercises were tested in the test and attention was paid to how many handles were needed during the conversion. The safety, which is achieved through certain good fittings and safety pins, was very pleasing. All edges are so well processed and there are no screws which have sharp burrs. Also, women can work on this home coach to build your toning exercises to define the muscular best. Even delicate hands can easily manage the conversion of the devices.  

For some exercises and the devices, there is a good guide

If you want to build your muscles in the chest area here has the possibility to use the ergonomically designed Butterfly bench press unit. It showed the best workmanship and an optimal tight padding. Also the Latissimus bar already mentioned made in the test a good impression. Here the user can safely train his musculature in the arm area but also the leg musculature. Rowing trains are easy to make on this machine and the safety is also guaranteed. We continue with the Curlpult and a very impressive Curl bar. Leg flexors, and everything that the heart of an enthusiast in muscle building are desirous of creating on this machine and its many possibilities. This is fun and depending on the condition, muscles can be worked out quickly. The newcomer will also be delighted and can gradually develop his own training program with the help of the good instructions.  

At the Ferum TX2 hammer power station, the cable pull module is the most important unit

The best training is possible with the good and balanced rolling system of the cable pull module. Core training, free training and a maximum exercise amplitude are best to complete that showed the practical test. Also the handle variants for special speeches of certain muscle groups can be completed at this power station very well. This device shows no weaknesses in the equipment and offers a wide range of possibilities.  

What you get at a glance exactly for your money:

  • Plug weights with a circumference of 60 kg and an 80 kg resistance
  • The rolling and cable pull module with a sophisticated cable pull system
  • Many train variants are possible
  • A professional Curlpult with a very good upholstery
  • Best comfort upholstery

Summary from the test

The impressive result of the test showed that this compact system, with its many possibilities, is the ideal equipment for building all muscle parts of the body at home. High quality materials used, best workmanship and innovative ideas in the composition of the equipment groups, this good and truly convincing features is the power station called Hammer Ferrum TX2. For each trainee, this device is suitable to perform its exercises safely and persistently in a confined space. Here one can rely on the innovative power of the designers and above all the quality shows no negligence. Here the customer gets the professional equipment for his individual training. All the details of the devices convince with brilliant quality and give a solid impression. Especially during long-lasting exercises, it is important that the material simply does not endure much. Be it the pulleys, the tensioning rollers or even the joints of the machines, here is nothing cheap and everything is made of the best materials.


Conclusion guy The conclusion from the test is convincing in every respect. Here the customer gets a high-quality training device with countless possibilities.In the test, there were 45 possible variants, which can be surpassed in their number. There are no weaknesses, the conversions for different exercises are easy to do and the risk of injury is simply reduced by this quality and even completely avoided. The Hammer Ferrum TX2 power station is the ideal equipment for the tightest of spaces with optimum performance. Price and the offer are the same and a purchase decision can only be made for this device. In the test, the various exercises showed comfortable values. Here, the customer can perform his abdominal muscles, his chest muscles and all the usual other exercises to achieve really fast results in muscle building. This power station is worth every penny and shows that at a lucrative low price you get a good training station with professional qualities here with the Hammer Ferrum power station TX 2. The test has proved the manufacturer's announcements and shows how simple and easy it is to manage with a good arrangement of different devices also in narrow space conditions.

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