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Test report: Finnlo Autark 2200 Kraftstation

The Finnlo Autark 2200 power station in the video

Independently his muscle training from home to do, the exactly promises the Finnlo Autark 2200 Kraftstation. Of course the consumer is accustomed to some promises, but if these are also kept, our testers wanted to know exactly this time. Above all, the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station can at least partially replace a gym. So our testers put themselves this time really well into the stuff.  

Five cartons with many small parts

Now there was one or the other testers surprised, but the assembly was then very simple. Although there were already a few hours, often even a day, but it succeeded. Above all without help, since the instructions were very detailed and accurate. After that, the device was then also thoroughly tested, but all were satisfied. At least most of the testers, because others would have wanted smaller weights. The smallest weight is 5 kg and can be increased only in increments of 5 kg. This was more or less criticized, although some testers then knew how to help. Whether this is optimal, can not be clarified here. All testers praised the really simple assembly, less good was the whole garbage. Above all, the plastic waste can fill up to four yellow bags. In this case, the manufacturer should then once again think to avoid such garbage. This was perceived as negative, but then not included in the evaluation. Here it was then rather the sporting part and how the handling is.  

Height-adjustable is a significant advantage

The Finnlo Autark 2200 power station is really stable even when it is working at full load. Here the testers were pleasantly surprised, especially the easy handling. Since the bench is height-adjustable, both large and small people can perform an optimal workout here. Thus, exercises can also be done quickly at home, which has been a major advantage for many. The tensile force is sufficient, which in turn is an advantage. It is also the versatile handles, which make it possible to do even more training sessions. The steel tube construction and the cable technology, which really enable a smooth training, have also been convincing. Thus, the first impression was confirmed, which of course does not say anything about the training possibilities. But also our testers were more than enthusiastic, and the family members also often tested the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station. So the height adjustment was also tested, which then worked wonderfully. Even with a tester which was more than 2 meters tall, the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station could keep up. Here, the statements of the manufacturer then really voted, which was already more than received positive. This is precisely where manufacturers are often exaggerating, which is more than disappointing for large people. These can then not use a training device, which is then worthless. Not so with the Finnlo Autark 2200 Kraftstation, here agreed until then everything. So from light construction to height adjustment.  

Manufacturer details in detail:

-Cable Tower, bilateral training opportunities through a lateral tensile modulus -drehbares and height-adjustable roller system to 160 degrees for maximum training opportunities -Komfortpolster that can be adapted ergonomically -vertical adjustment included -Stahlrohrahmen be -can be upgraded up to 100 kg roles that have ball bearings - Upgradeable up to 100 kg -Gewichtblock 80kg resistor maximum 90 kg -Rückenlehne multi-adjustable  

Details which are correct

Here our testers were really very surprised, because all the details were correct. This was exactly the result of most of the points, especially the training possibilities that resulted. A small gym at home, that's what everyone can get with the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station. This device is also still firm, no matter what exercise is also done on it.Now at a weight of 216 kg, this should also be given. The dimensions are 2 X 2.25 X 215 meters, which means that the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station can also be easily accommodated in a smaller space. With this trainer, a lot of exercises and above all the muscle building can be operated excellently, this was at least the unanimous opinion of the testers. Of course, one or other would have preferred a smaller weight division, because some actually wanted to exercise less muscle. But with all other exercises with and on the device were really all fully satisfied. Here, the manufacturer has not exaggerated, especially regarding the conversion for other exercises. Even training tips are included, which can be an advantage for beginners. Of course we should not be exaggerated here, which our testers kept naturally. Ideal for training at home, so our testers have felt this device. This means that anyone with the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station can drop out the fitness studio even once, without the training fails. This device is ideally suited for this purpose.


Conclusion guy With the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station all testers were satisfied, except for the garbage, which was created when unpacking. But of course, this has nothing to do with the device, since this of course should arrive safely. Afterwards, the design was designed to be very simple.Above all, the description was very detailed and quickly done. This went on within a few hours up to almost one day, but this had to do with the build-up time. It was easy to find all the testers, even if it lasted longer.The training tips, were regarded as valuable, especially since the Finnlo Autark 2200 power station withstood all. The price was okay for everyone, so not too expensive and not too cheap. Exactly appropriate, what was the deciding factor. Stable and individually adjustable has been highlighted. Everyone is able to do their own training at home, which was the biggest advantage. Of course there are boundaries here, even if weights can be bought. Thus, the gym can be partially replaced, but not perfect. In this, all testers agreed, as well as this acquisition is worthwhile. Fitness for your home is really possible here.

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