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Test report: MAXXUS Hyperextension Rückentrainer

Many people today suffer from back problems, which are caused not least by lack of movement. This is where the MAXXUS Hyperextension backtrainer will help, at least the manufacturer promises. But the specifications of the manufacturers usually sound good, but as normal users. This was precisely the case in this test as well as the handling and the construction.  

Construction with small obstacles

Before the MAXXUS Hyperextension backtrainer could be tested, of course, the construction came. The set-up instructions did not pose any problems as this was simple and comprehensible. It looked different in the one or the other because of the screws. But before that came the delivery, where some testers were very surprised. The device came in a simple cardboard box, without any reinforcement, but still intact. Then came the total surprise, the screws were simply loosely in the box in it, completely without the these in a bag were welded. The result, some screws were lost during easy opening, which were then replaced. Only later were they found, which then provides for the first slight annoyance, even before the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer could be tested. Here, the manufacturer should think once, because small parts such as screws belong in a bag. This even creates discounter, so this should not be a problem here. Absolutely positive and easy was the construction instructions felt, whereby also here a smaller error was discovered. A part was wrongly marked, which then led to a longer search. So the construction lasted a little longer, but he managed to finish all the testers, albeit with some minor difficulties. However, own tools such as a wrench and ratchet should be available, as there is no tool included in the scope of delivery. Furthermore, in some parts the assembly is recommended to two, but then went alone. As far as all the testers were satisfied with the simple construction, even if there were small problems here and there.  

Specifications of the manufacturer:

Dimensions: Length: 1250 mm Width: 650 mm Height: 730 mm leg pad adjustment Approximate data: 820 mm to 1030 mm Maximum weight of user: 110 kg According to the manufacturer Be the Maxxus hyperextension back trainer also suitable for people in grand style life. However, people could already confirm from a shoe size of 39 or 40. In addition, the footplate was considered too low, which is really closer to the ground. Thus, it is not possible to place larger feet, but rather look beyond the plate. In addition, the low height then also causes additional problems, since these always look somehow over the plate. Even with the triple-adjustable calf support, this can not be remedied, which means that people with larger feet can not continue to use this device. Here, the manufacturer promises more than can be held. Thus, the complete specification is also missing, for which size the device is suitable. So in humans up to 1.90 cm the device could be used very well, whereby at 2 meters the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer was overstrained. Here, the cushions were located in a very sensitive place, at least in the man, which is then a training, but rather stands in the way. Also the much too low plate for the feet was criticized. In addition, larger feet could not be placed properly, since these simply by the cushion. Therefore the manufacturer should necessarily improve, since otherwise the device would have so much to offer.  

Solid built and solid stand

Here, the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer uniformly received the most points, which also applies to the construction itself. Even inexperienced could then build up the device error-free after a long time. The stand was felt as very solid and solid, with which the testers could do some exercises. Even such testers, who could not really stand properly on the device, then did so some exercises. However, a tester had to give up because of pain in a sensitive region. The MAXXUS Hyperextension backtrainer was convinced, however, but still a expensive conversion is to be made. Because before this tester of 2 meters the device will no longer use. It is also nice that smaller people, so under 1.65 meters can easily use. In this area, the MAXXUS Hyperextension backtrainer can score full, especially since there are still side grips. However, they did not have to use the testers, some found this even in the wrong place and thus also useless. However, this was only the case with very few, as otherwise the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer could collect the full points just in this area. In addition, the testers felt the padding was very successful, even a certain clearance for men is available. As I said, only for men up to 1.90 meters. If you are bigger, the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer should not increase.


Conclusion guy Although the manufacturer promises that the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer is also suitable for people with larger feet, but the test has shown something else here. The feet can not be adjusted by the support rod and the padding, the plate for the feet was also placed far too low.The bars were less used here, felt even in the wrong place. From the price, nothing negative was said, but the consumer could expect a better thought-out device. Only in the processing can the manufacturer here score, just like in stability and durability. The construction takes some time, but even unskilled craftsmen succeed well. All in all, many exercises can be done on the MAXXUS hyperextension backtrainer, but only by people who do not have big feet. Likewise, the missing indication of the body size was felt as very negative. Thus the device is in some areas very good, in others again less good, whereby then the decision for the purchase is left to everyone. With one or the other improvement, the MAXXUS Hyperextension backtrainer could be a really very good trainer, which would also be very happy to the users. All in all, a good coach.

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