Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher

On particularly cold days a mulled wine is perfect for warming inside. Mulled wine not only tastes sweet and spicy and smells seductively but makes a good mood and warms its fingers. The Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher is not only in the Adventszeit a useful household appliance. The versatile unit can be used all year round for blanching vegetables, warming food and drinks in the water bath, for preserving and other purposes. With the Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher, the preparation of mulled wine is a child's play: the required ingredients are filled into the container, which is inside the appliance, and heated together by switching on the appliance.It is achieved by cooking that the mulled wine unfolds its full taste. For this purpose, a very high temperature is set at the Rommelsbacher GA 1700. Once the mulled wine has been prepared, it can be kept warm with the warming plate integrated into the appliance for an extended period of time. The finished hot beverage is filled into the drinking container by operating the stable taps of metal. The Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher is a shapely, compact and easy to maintain hot beverage maker.The pot of double-walled stainless steel is a guarantee for ease of care, excellent thermal insulation and economical energy consumption. The Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher is equipped with the detachable, thermally insulated handles, the integrated drying and overheating protection, the lockable container lid, the two control lamps as well as the separate on / off switch. The temperature of the device can be set continuously by the user. The household appliance is available in two different sizes. The smaller model has a 7-liter container in which 28 cups of mulled wine can be prepared. The larger version is equipped with a 13-liter container and is suitable for the simultaneous preparation of 52 cups of mulled wine. The device is also suitable for preparing large quantities of tea or grog. The closed bottom of the container guarantees easy and fast cleaning. The easy-to-read, externally displayed filling level indicator provides information on how much mulled wine is still in the container. With the GA 1700, vegetables and fruit can be pasteurized without any effort in a short time. For this, the temperature must be set to at least 80 degrees and maximum to 100 degrees. Both the taste and some vitamins are preserved during the boiling in this temperature range. The Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher is perfectly suited for the production of delicious jams for the winter months during the summer months with the fruits harvested in the own garden. It goes without saying that the Rommelsbacher GA 1700 is also suitable for composting. The heat-insulated handles, which are equipped with the glow-wine mash, allow the contents of the container to be quickly filled into preserving jars. To clean the Glühweinkocher Rommelsbacher GA 1700, hot water is completely sufficient. The container must then be dried before it is reinserted. Since the alcohol contained in the mulled wine has a destructive effect on the material, the mulled wine must be carefully cleaned and dried after each use.


Conclusion guyWith the Glühweinkocher Rommelsbacher GA 1700, it is worth to produce mulled wine in its own four walls. Recipes can be found on the Internet. So that the mulled wine tastes delicious, high-quality wine and fresh spices should be filled into the container. The versatile application possibilities of the Rommelsbacher GA 1700 Glühweinkocher make the purchase of further kitchen appliances (coffee maker, Einbochautomat) unnecessary and help to save money and space. For private use, the smaller version of the GA 1700 with a container volume of 7 liters is completely adequate. If, on the other hand, the Glühweinkocher is to be used on the Christmas market or in a gastronomy operation, the larger and heavier version of the qualitative Glühweinkochers Rommelsbacher GA 1700 with a container volume of 13 liters should be purchased.

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