Bielmeier 655123 Glühweinkocher

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Test report: Bielmeier 655123 Glühweinkocher

Good and also perfect is this Glühweinkocher and it is great to do everything right. But not only to cook the mulled wine, this cooker is perfect, but also for the preparation of sausages or simply to heat the water. But here the delivery is absolutely right and this also includes an application which makes juicing possible. The Glühweinkocher can easily be adjusted, so the mulled wine gets exactly the right temperature and everything else will succeed in this cooker. He is able to become very hot and this is appreciated by most buyers. The weight is very high here, but it is easy to move. The user can now be exactly right with this cooker and he will also have a lot of fun with the boil. 

Unpack and connect

Unpacking and connecting is easy. The buyer is however here stopped to check the device immediately after the delivery. If mistakes are found, then it is more than just important to notify the seller. Because only in this way can both parties be satisfied and have the good feeling to have done everything right. The user can simply set up this glow-pastry cooker. Even though the weight here is rather high. Then the stove should always be placed on a level surface. The spout is easy to access and then it can become something with the serving. This cooker does a lot and it is also very suitable. The cooker is clearly a pleasure and it is suitable for private and commercial use. This cooker is especially suitable for small portemonaie. The stove is great and also looks stable. It will also be easy to fill.  

The stove itself

The pouring of the glowing wine is easy and will also be perfect. This is done simply by pouring in the wine and then it can be removed simply via the outlet cock. The user will also be right there and thus also everything can be prepared perfectly. It is important with a good mulled wine that everything is done right here. This should not be too hot and then it can also be properly heated with the Glühweinkocher. The stove is great and also stable and safe.He makes everything better and can always be taken well. The stove is always good and it is also perfect to have perfect mulled wine.  

The mulled wine is great

For guests and friends, it is now possible to enjoy a good mulled wine. This can finally be enjoyed. But much else is possible and can be indispensable for the user soon. The user will do everything well with this stove and also has plenty of this cooker. It can also be juiced with the stove and here it can be said that the corresponding attachment is included. Because only with it everything can be enjoyed. This cooker is easy to adjust and it is also easy to manage. Also the instruction is often not necessary at all to be able to adjust everything well.  

Product characteristics

  • 29 liters capacity
  • Indicator light
  • high-quality plastic
  • Black-and-white


Conclusion guyIf everything is done well with this Glühweinkocher, it will also run perfectly. The stove is easy to set up and any user can have a lot of it when he uses this cooker. The Glühweinkocher is great and also makes much easier. It is perfect to offer a great mulled wine to all guests. But he is also a lot of other things that could be delicious. The user will soon not want to miss this Glühweinkocher from Bielmeter. All this is great and also excellent. The stove is great and will also stand stable. It is indispensable to the users.

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