The first Windows Phone Dual SIM smartphone Lumia 630 Dual SIM Nokia

With Windows Phone operating from 2 SIM cards in the same phone is now possible: The mid-2014 released operating system version Windows Phone 8.1 ( "WP8.1") can also manage 2 SIM cards.

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  • Windows Phone dual SIM model overview
  • Dual-SIM Control in Windows Phone
  • Moving from Android to Windows Phone
  • First look at Windows 10

Overview: Windows Phone Dual SIM Smartphones

Meanwhile, the mobile phone division of Microsoft - - As part of the Microsoft developer conference MBDC 2014 Nokia had the first dual SIM Windows Phone officially announced the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual. The launch of the first model with pre-installed Windows Phone 8.1 and two SIM slots carried out shortly after the presentation. Meanwhile, several models are available or announced.

more now than tests 2015 and compare

Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM


The Lumia 640 dual SIM smartphone from Microsoft as the lower middle Checkout offers a bit more features than the Lumia beginners series. Who likes Windows Phone anyway, or not necessarily attaches importance to very specific Android apps can do its complete mobile everyday problems with the Lumia 640th  »
Microsoft Lumia 532


The Microsoft Lumia 532 is the successor to the Lumia 530. Like its predecessor, it is a real bargain among the dual SIM phones.However, with entry-level technology and of course the operating system Windows Phone 8.1.  "
Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM is the new 2-SIM top model in the Lumia dual SIM smartphones. It is placed above the middle class model Nokia Lumia 630 (test) - a slightly larger display and (minor) improvements in hardware make the 730 Dual in test clearly the current flagship.  "
Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM


  The Nokia Lumia 530 Dual SIM is now a cheaper classic. What does the little brother of the Nokia Lumia 630 Dual (test), we have summarized here. Windows Phone 8.1 to launch new Windows Phone version 8.1 put in 530 Dual. She was even a prerequisite that we have taken the smartphone under the microscope.  "
Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM


The Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM Microsoft Handysparte brings an entry-level model is the first dual SIM Windows Phone on the market. How now usual, the brand also offers hierfügr several colorful plastic housing. Since May 2014, the unit in Germany is available - along with a mono-SIM sibling, the Lumia 630 also called and waived only on the final addition.  "


  • The Nokia Lumia 630 Dual SIM (test) already appeared in May 2014.
  • Second, dual SIM phones with Windows Phone was Nokia Lumia 530 Dual (Test) available
  • In autumn 2014, the new Nokia came top model for 2 SIMs on the market: the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM (Test)


  • In October 2014, Microsoft announced that upcoming Lumia models are no longer under the Nokia brand, but as Microsoft Lumia smartphones will appear. Even before the recent Nokia sites were moved to Microsoft sites.
  • was nothing known about a launch of the first MS Lumia phones. just because more 2 SIM Lumias have just been launched on the market, the first Microsoft dual SIM smartphone might be waiting for something to be.


  • The brand is one of the few that currently uses Windows Phone next Nokia and HTC. In the Prestigio Multi Phone number of manufacturer announced the models 8400 and 8500 Duo Duo.

Other Manufacturers

In Eastern Europe and China have more models from other manufacturers are also in preparation. But to put it directly to say: When in Germany a large number of Windows 8.1 smartphones with 2 SIM slots will be officially available, it may take some time. Currently, only the Nokia release date is known. Until more dual SIM WP terminals are built, but it is obviously only a matter of time.  

Dual-SIM Control with Windows Phone 8.1

Microsoft had announced in February at the MWC 2014, the update to Windows Phone 8.1 and the Microsoft Build Developer Conference (MBDC) of 2-4th April in San Francisco for the first time officially presented. Meanwhile, the new version is on some Lumia models in use and we were able to test the SIM management extensively.

manage 2 SIM cards

Regarding the use and management of the 2 SIM cards, so functions and switch options are still not entirely clear. Rumor they should but Android features geared to the popular dual SIM. In particular, the rapid change of map, which is possible with Android with two movements via status bar (pull 1 .: control bar, 2 .: desired SIM click) - these rapid changes therefore likely to be important for the Windows Phone 8 successor dual SIM can inspire customers , Then can also determine where the WP models in our dual SIM mobile leaderboard land.

At the same time calls?

As active dual SIM, ie the parallel calls over both SIM cards, my personal assessment falls quite skeptical of: As with all other operating systems, this feature is likely to remain an exception - because for an additional transmission and reception module is required what more expensive is ultimately consumes more battery power. So it is likely to remain in the solution favorable dual standby, as they also offer other dual SIM smartphones. This means that while you can not phone, you can be reached on two phones. As soon as one is on a call on one SIM, but then pauses the network connection of the other card.

Older Windows Phones operate with 2 SIM cards?

Who is already using a smartphone, possibly can upgrade to the new version 8.1: Microsoft wants to offer the update for all models that were previously working with the OS version 8.0. All älterne Windows Phone versions are unfortunately not able to be updated. Exciting question: Since Windows Phone can now manage 2 SIMs, it should be technically possible in principle, a dual SIM adapter to be used for these smartphones. Whether there is something in this regard in planning, but must remain open for probably. Until then continuously something new is known, is likely to be the only option for Windows Phone with 2 SIM cards, Nokia Lumia 630 to buy or to wait for other models with 2 SIM slots that.  

Moving from Android to Windows Phone

Basically, the transition to the first Windows dual SIM smartphone is quite good, but it would be a lie that you do not need acclimatization.

Note should be two things:

  • Apps: While there are now well over 300,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store, but certain very frequently used Android apps just do not - or at least not 1: 1 as usual. Especially Google apps like YouTube and Google Maps are not available - the only exception is an official "Google Search app" (in Windows Phone's Bing set as the search engine). But other popular applications such come with Windows by third parties. Often nevertheless are similar apps from other vendors are available - but you can quote at least their trustworthiness assess not good at the beginning. There is no question: It's annoying at first and lasts a week or two until you have a suitable alternative found.
  • Contacts: previous contacts and everything has settled about Google Accounts, missing. But his Google account can import one, so both the emails and contacts are available. Apps like Xing, offering Android, synchronize the contact list with Xing contacts, join in the Windows Phone version but without this feature. Part of his phone lists, email addresses, and so we had to test therefore ultimately entered manually.

There are of course advantages:

  • In-house apps and programs from Microsoft are surprisingly good - eg cards HERE for offline use (in the test more comfortable than the download of Google Maps), also are original Office apps from Microsoft for free, etc.
  • The very clear and graphically tidy tile design and large, clear lines of text are visually still extremely modern - ultimately Nokia Lumia has begun the trend, the Android with the upcoming "Material Design" at Android 5.0 from November 2014 also sets: large surfaces, few elements, clear and few colors.

And some things are just different:

From (of course subjective) test point of view it has been easy to switch to the operating concept of the "WP". The logic is quite a bit different, but ultimately just as plausible as Android or iPhone too. The "settling" will probably take as long as one has used on his first Android smartphone.

Conclusion for conversion

If you just looking for a new dual SIM model and a smartphone with Windows in terms of hardware, optics and price simply finds the best, should not let the other OS stop. If one is, however, very much involved in the Android world and one uses numerous specific apps, it can be cumbersome. It is best to look then previously here in Windows Phone Store to see if you can install the appropriate software on the new smartphone.  

Windows 10: Common platform for smartphone and PC

The first phone with Windows 10 is about to launch. In early December 2015 - announced the 4:12. - Takes the Microsoft Lumia 950 (Test) in trade. The superphone the Lumia series will be available in three versions. Twice Format 5.2 inches, even with 5.7 inches. The two mobile phones with the "smaller" screen diagonal differ in that one of them only has a SIM slot, while the other is a dual SIM phone. To our knowledge this is the first time, which is one of the major operating systems from the first day of sales in a version for 2 SIM cards available. This shows either the rising popularity of such total smartphone - or a particular strategy of Microsoft. Already knew? WP8.1 was hardly released because Microsoft has already prepared the next version. So-called technical previews (rough previous version for developers) were quick in circulation. Here one of the first videos on the topic.

What will I get Windows 10 for mobile phones?

This future generation Windows will however no longer be separated into a "Phone" version and a "PC" version, but as common software for all hardware types, so whether tablet, smartphone or desktop computer. Whether Windows will support 10 Dual-SIM, is still one of the most obscure details. However, it is highly suspect after this function has just been introduced in the now current 8.1 version only and the Lumia dual SIM phones have already become quite popular in a short time. Windows 10: With dual SIM smartphone on hardware?Depending on the size, the view of the operating system adjusts so that eg on a large tablet, a different view is present as in a smaller one. In the picture different formats and the respective visual layout are displayed. It is interesting to count: The Generation 9 is skipped entirely - a sign that the new feature will be a larger step than is normally collected by a version number to the next case.

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